Shore Leave For the Jefe’ 8/16/2018

Dan & Myself leaving to head out on 5,000 mile road trip

I had tucked Sailors Run away securely moored to a sunken PT boat in the Marshall Islands and flew west to be with Debbie in Albuquerque New Mexico. It was great to be back home ashore now having a chance to help Debbie with the grand kids and some chores that needed doing around the house. I planted the garden something that we all get great pleasure from watching things grow and showing the kids how that all happens.

There were fences to be built and concreate to be poured. I have trouble deciding which is more work, maintaining a house or a boat. Oh well there is pleasure derived from both endeavors and a little bit of pain as well.

Debbie and my Suzuki 800cc motorcycle is a much needed escape for both of us from raising grand kids and chores around the house. We love weekend trips and I also try to get away for a month or so to visit family in Washington State and friends along the way.

My son rode down from Washington to ride back together on yet another fun adventure covering 5400 miles many on the back roads of different states along the way.

I have come up with what I believe to be a most incredible adventure for the future aboard Sailors Run. This one I’m sure will prove my insanity beyond a shadow of a doubt, yet I can hardly wait. I will announce this one in the late fall for timing is everything in accomplishing this one.

My new book “NO TURNING BACK” will be available at Amazon within a few weeks. This is a book that I’m extremely proud of and feel it will be enjoyed by all that manage to get their hands on it.

I will be back aboard the Sailors Run early in December to explore some atolls in the Marshall Islands.

Fair winds to you all Jeff &Debbie S/V Sailors Run.

The jefe’ building fence in Albuquerque.

Time to poor some mud.

Debbie at Clayton Lake NM. looking for dinosaur tracks.

The Jefe’ giving grandson Jacob a ride on the bike.

Gift from Dan & May Wilson.Bell to ward off evil spirits.


The Jefe’ and Daniel heading out to Washington State.

Debbie found some great dinosaur tracks at Clayton Lake

Grandson Brayden with tomatoes from Grandpa’s garden.

Brayden harvesting squash.

Jefe’ and the grad kids trying to kick the back yard back into shape.

Adding trees in the front yard is at least a start on it.

Debbie outside of Oklahoma

Debbie and I on the road again.

Debbie loves her weeping cherry tree.


The Jefe’s’ latest great grand child Ryder #5

Great Grandpa and Camy

Great Grandpa with Camy and Orlando.

Jacob learns about how to set a post for the new grape arbor.

Son Daniel on his 650 KLR Kawasaki motorcycle.

The jefe’ with two of his sons Daniel left and Chris center.

Debbie’s brother Tito on his Harley getting ready to head for Madrid.

Daniel and Tito arriving at Tavern in Madrid NM. where Wild Hogs was filmed.