Marshall Islands Voyage Days: 37-38-39.

Total miles sailed last three days =468 nm.
Total miles sailed so far=5,294
Miles left to go= -328 [actually less than 400 nm.]
Top speed so far =12.5 kts.
  Pos. Lat.09* 25′ N. Long. 177* 53′ W.
  Weather: Wind=12-15kts. E. Seas= 4-6ft. Bar.= 1005mb. Cabin Temp=83*-89*.
The Rest of the Story.
  Winds fresher today and still no luck at fishing which might explain no fishing boats in my area as they will normally show on the AIS.
  The mysterious “Ham Grab” has been solved. The explanation is a combination of answers C.-D. First let me say this was all solved without the help of “Scotland Yard”.
  The thing started to unravel when I went to make pop corn. The pan I use for that is seldom washed as it is used only for popcorn and trying to conserve water I just wipe it out with a paper towel between popping. When I went to wipe it out there were two kernels of corn the vegetable, inside the pan. Now this made no sense as other than the two kernels there were just husks of the previous popcorn and some margarine I had melted to go on the popcorn.
  Now I remember clearly having peas with my ham dinner. I dig through the garbage once again and sure enough there is an empty can for the peas and one for the corn.
  I go back to the counter where the frying pan sets that I had cooked my previous potatoes, onions, and egg in and snatch the cover of the pan. Lifting the pan to my nose I smell the smoked ham, and there are even remnants of it sticking to the bottom of the pan. I also smelled a “rat” a pretty big one at that.
  Revisiting the events of the previous evening in my mind, it seems this is what took place. I got up from reading checked outside then came down and cooked dinner having corn as the vegetable. I obviously used the lid off the popcorn pan to drain the vegetables after cooking them in a smaller pan that has no lid, when I placed the lid back on the popcorn pan two kernels of corn stuck to the lid fell in the pan. I then proceeded to eat dinner once finished put the plate in the sink with other plates possibly was chewing on the bone getting those last tasty portions of ham, then went topside for a look around tossing the ham bone over the side.
  Now feeling quite content lay down for a short nap.
  I’m roused from my nap, and that universe, to commotion on deck. I scramble up on deck to fix what ever is wrong and still only half awake mind you. I adjust the course quieting the sails that had been bouncing about and return below. It is still day light and I never bother to look at the time. I glance over and see the pan I had intended to cook dinner in and it is all clean, heavens I must make dinner as now I’m in my new universe and hungry. Next the missing ham and the search that reveals nothing but questions. I get the other piece of Ham out thaw it and dine once again in my new universe.
  So you see the explanation is quit simple, basically went to bed contented in one universe and woke up hungry in yet another universe.
                              Just sailing the “Rum” line the Jefe’
  Pos.09*25′ N. Long.179*50′ E.
  Weather: Wind=10-20kts. ENE. Seas= 6-8ft.ENE. Bar.=1005 mb. Cabin Temp.= 83*-89*.
  New Top speed for trip= 12.5 kts.
The Rest of the Story:
  Today I sailed into tomorrow crossing the International date line.
Suddenly Sunday becomes Monday, but for the sake of keeping track of the days on the voyage will stay with Sunday.
  Sailing pretty fast this day but not doing very well at alluding the squalls having been hit by three of them. The squall’s were small and no sail reduction was made, possibly why we have a new top speed of 12.5 kts.  Hmm.
  Also had a fishing boat pass 12 miles off my bow, although he was not fishing just beating feet for some place else.
  Now that I’m closing in on civilization once again my watches will become more diligent, do to the increased possibility of vessel traffic.
  Debbie alerted me that Bruno from Fiji has brought his circus to Majuro, now in April, so possibly I can find work in the circus. I feel I have been on this circus ride almost long enough now. Soon to be 40-days and 40-nights.
  Got a lead on one of the lost city’s it’s name is Ninj believed to be located in Africa Lat. 02*N long.03* E. just above the Congo River. This is the ancient Arabian City that is over 4,000 years old, where Solomon’s mines were located.
 Now I must plan another voyage with an attached land expedition into the Congo Rain Forest. This should prove to be one of my most “dashing” adventures so far. The estimated duration is difficult to determine but I believe the likely hood of success is much easier to compute =000%. Volunteers and donations will be greatly appreciated. Just as an incentive if the donations arrive soon enough I will skip the whole Circus gig and be off.
  When one considers that reality is just an illusion, that being the reason no two people see the same thing exactly the same. This brings me to believe that someone will see the Jefe’s chance of success at 100%, and remember I am pretty lucky to.
                                    Jefe’ going “psycho” out here.
  Pos. Lat. 09*57′ N. Long. 177*29′ E.
  24hr. Run=161 nm.
  Weather: Wind=12-20kts ENE. Seas=6-8ft. Bar=1006 mb. Cabin Temp=83*-89*.
The Rest of the Story.
  I’m slowly edging back up to the 10* Latitude as the winds are stronger in the higher pressure and I avoid some of those squalls. I’m moving west pretty fast and the angle to the wind for the other tack is improving by the hour. I hope my next Gybe will see me sail strait into Majuro.
  I have established contact on SSB-radio-6224 frequency and told them I should arrive on their Friday morning and that is my Thursday morning.
  Had a huge strike on the meat line snapping the 200lb. test line about 6-inches below the rubber bungy cord. I have no idea what it was but am pretty sure much bigger than what I need.
                  To rig another meat line or not???? Hmmmmm. The Jefe’