Voyage to the Marshall Islands Days 16-17-18.

Total miles sailed so far=2,456nm.
Miles left to go aprox.= 2,54 4nm.
Miles sailed last three days=404 nm.
Top speed so far 10.1 kts.
  Pos. Lat.16*52′ N. Long. 138* 13′ W.
  24hr.Run=149 nm.
  Weather: Wind 10-14kts ENE. Seas= 5-6ft. ENE. Bar.=1011mb. Cabin Temp 78*
The Rest of the Story.
  Winds have lightened a bit but still moving along nicely aboard Sailors Run a 40ft. Bob Perry designed ketch a definite take you anywhere you want to go boat, and that’s a good thing for me, for I would have perished a long time ago. “Thanks Bob”
  I found my way into the shower I believe a day late of my every 3 day schedule, and exited feeling a whole lot more refreshed and everything just somehow seems nicer, smells better to.
  Once again as I scratch the days off on the calendar, it seems strange, just how fast the days are flying by. It must be like the runner’s “high” where your endorfins kick in and your pain level rises and you go for miles and miles effortlessly.
  Here are some interesting thoughts from the Pacific. I have a friend that is an electrical engineer that builds solar farms in Texas. A typical site is 100-acres of panels that power 2,500 homes in the area.
  Now you realize lots of people are all hyped up about the electric car, Teslar etc.
   I worked in the power distribution industry as a lineman and am aware that we have cities in the US that are already suffering from “brown outs”[not enough power to meet the demand].
  Think about this the average large gas station fuels 10,000 cars a day, average time at the fuel stop 15-minutes and you have a clean window when you drive out.
  A comparable charging station would have to have 600 high capacity charges requiring 30-Megawatt’s of power to charge 10,000 electric cars. That is enough power to supply 25,000 homes. These stations are estimated to cost 20-million dollars each to build and each one will have to have a substation size transformer near the site to run the chargers, and that 15-minutes will now be one to one and a half hours to charge your car.
  Oh you will charge your car or cars at home. Well the same amount of power will be needed, and most likely your service to your house will need a major up grade as these batteries in these cars require considerably more power than an I-phone.
    The building of Electric cars is currently being subsidized by our government. This will soon end and you will most likely find out that your electric car will cost twice as much as a conventual car that will no longer be allowed on the roads and most likely they will cost twice as much to operate.
    Where will all this power come from not solar farms as each charging station would need 1000 acres of panels. We can only assume that there will have to be more generation produced from Hydroelectric, nuclear, coal and oil. To me this sounds like a pretty good way to make sure we use up our fossil fuels just as fast as we can.
    Where will all these precious metals come from to build these batteries?
                Just some thoughts from “My Pacific High” The Jefe’
Day -17.
  Pos. Lat. 15* 42′ N. Long. 140*04′ W.
  Weather: Wind 8-13kts E. Seas-4-5ft. Bar.= 1007mb. Cabin Temp 78*.
The Rest of the Story.
  It has become clear to me that I have one problem with this route to the Marshall Islands and that is the wind is right on my back so sailing the course line is very difficult. If I had my old spinnaker that was much smaller than the one I have now I could fly it and do just fine,but there is just enough wind that it is just to risky to fly the big chute so I’m forced to Gybe back and forth across the course line taking advantage of wind shifts to get there but adding extra miles.
  Today seen a ship pass within 16 miles of me and was visited by a pod of dolphins.
  The lettuce was gone two days ago so now using cabbage in the salads. No more oranges a good thing as I should not eat them anyway, and I have apples for about 15 more days, they are small and don’t seem to bother me.
  Along towards evening the sky’s clouded over and some of the clouds were very tall showing signs of vertical instability so I kept a sharp eye on my radar for a squall to appear. The funny thing was two hours after it was dark all the clouds disappeared and the sky’s overhead were filled with sparkling diamonds.
  I messed up pretty good on this day when I grabbed the Mizzen sheet to yank the mizzen out from behind the upper shroud it was just barely hung up on. Much to my surprise when I yanked, it did not move but instead my shoulder went “Pop-Pop” and now hurts like hell when I move it certain ways. I should have used the winch to winch it out. Oh well it will just make things a little more challenging and me a true single hander.
                          Taken care of my only good arm left the Jefe’
  Pos.Lat. 15*45′ N Long. 141*45’W.
  24hr. Run=120nm.
  Weather: Wind:8-10kts.  ESE. Seas 4-5ft.E. Bar. 1007mb. Cabin Temp.= 80*
  Total miles sailed so far=2456nm.
  Miles left to go aprox.2,544nm.
  Miles sailed last three days=404nm.
  top speed so far 10.1 kts.
The Rest of the Story.
  Seen another ship and this one was much closer at just 6nm. and visible to the naked eye. Winds much lighter today slowing us somewhat. The good thing was there was a wind shift that allowed us to sail the course line for much of the day. Tomorrow the fishing line goes in as today there were lots of dolphins around, so one must think there might be fish once they leave. A nice Dorado or Tuna would be a real treat at this time.
  After 18-days we are still not quite at the half way point. We can only hope the second half will be faster.
  Debbie writes everyday and is doing well back in Albuquerque baby sitting the three grand kids during the week as needed. Her and two of the neighbor hood women get together to play Mexican trains on Sundays, and it sounds like they are having good “girl time”.
                Just trying to survive the “Pee-Pea” issues in the Pacific.
                                      The Jefe’
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