Voyage to Marshall Isl.Days 4-5-6

Top speed so far=9.1 kts.
Miles sailed the last three days=390 nm.
Total miles sailed so far=797 nm.
Miles left to go=4,203 nm.
  Pos. Lat. N 17*31′ Long. W 113* 35′.
  24 hr. Run= 128 nm.
  Weather Wind 5-15kts. N. Seas-3 ft. N. Bar.=1008 mb. Cabin Temp.=74*
The Rest of the Story:
  One thing is for sure I still feel like “crap” this am, but what is one to do as life goes on and there is no “sick leave” for the captain or crew. The one thing I have done is opted to start antibiotics knowing full well they will have no effect on the cold virus. I just can’t afford the complications of some other infection that could come out of this.
  Today the winds seem a little steadier and have started out stronger earlier a good sign I hope.
  The area that I’m now sailing through has been devoid of vessel traffic since last having the close encounter with the fishing vessel, a good thing as I’m down more now getting much needed rest.
  Along towards evening I actually start feeling better and the nasal drip thing has slowed way down.
  Near the end of this 24-hr. period I find myself brewing coffee at 4-am and the truly amazing thing is I can actually smell it.
  Now the wind has dropped to a new low of about 5-knots and this sets off a whole chain of events,and the wind vane lacks the wind strength to continue steering the boat so the electronic auto pilot is turned on and this requires more energy.
   I look up at my wind generator and of course it is doing nothing, the solar panels the same thing as it is still dark. I go below and check the state of the batteries voltage on the meter and their looking pretty flat. I look over my shoulder at the 2-KW Honda Generator lashed in under the table in the main cabin. Unleashing it and dragging the thing up the steps out the companion way some how seems just a little harder today, but after securing it in the cockpit and a couple of pulls on the pull cord it sputters to life, and I actually thought I heard the batteries say”thanks”.
                            Slowly crawling across the Pacific the Jefe’
  Pos. Lat. N 17*32′ Long. W 115*41′.
  24hr. Run=138 nm.
  Weather: Wind 5-16 kts. N  Seas 2-4ft. N. Bar=1008 mb. Cabin Temp.77*
The Rest of the Story.
  Hmmm! This day starts out like another snorer. Wind 8-kts. on the beam until about 4pm when suddenly the wind jumps up to 16 kts and we take off at 7+ knots and I hear the wind generator come to life cranking out over 20-amps. Needless to say the Honda Generator goes back inside. The sun has also burned its way through the clouds and the solar panels are doing well all 420-watts of them.
  We are sailing about 50 miles south of Clarion Island and I’m surprised at not seeing more birds around. Possibly they are not here because neither are the fish.
  I’m waiting to fish until I have eaten my way half way through the meat in the freezer. Out here the fish are usually large and i don’t want any to be wasted.
  I must share that sometimes it is lonely when far out at sea, and this time seems especially so since I had just spent a month with Debbie having a “Blast” in Mexico.
  Now just know that the Jefe’s wheels are turning, and it might not be to long before I can release “The Perfect World as Seen by the Jefe’ Hmmm!!
                                            Lonesome on Patrol in the Pacific.
                                              The Jefe’
  Pos, Lat. N. 17* 36′. Long. W. 117* 48′.
  24hr. Run=124 nm.
  Weather: Wind 8-12kts NW. Seas 3-4ft. N. Bar.=1010mb. Cabin Temp.=76*.
The Rest of the Story.
  Day-6 now goes in the record books as the least miles sailed so far on the trip. Today the winds were steady but lighter over all, lacking the punch to get us charging along to say the least.
  I feel better today and my energy is coming back making the routine tasks of reefing, cooking and grinding much easier to accomplish. Still no vessel traffic although I did pick one ship up on A.I.S. that was over 180 NM. away, now that’s what I call seeing down the road.
  “The Perfect world as seen by the Jefe'”.
      [Where no one ever grows old.]
How it all works!
  1. Everybody gets a sailboat for their 16th birthday.[Somehow}
  2. All prevailing working wages will be paid in “Rum”.
  3. You will not be allowed to work while “Drunk”.
  4. You don’t have to work when “Hung Over”.
  5. If you are unable to work for any reason, you will be awarded the “Sailors Drinking Disability”. This inturn qualifies you for the ” Sailors Credit Card” with no payments attached which will after all allow you to get the much needed “Rum”.
  6. You will absolutely not be allowed to drink and drive, but in “A Jefe’ perfect world” you will always be allowed to “drink and sail”, for the following obvious reasons: low speeds, wide corners, and after all you are not operating “dangerous whirling machinery”.
  7.If for some reason you are no longer able to drink the rum, Most likely “Alcohol poisoning” that somehow resulted in your “death”. You can be rest assured that the “Perfect world” as seen by the Jefe’ will continue on, as your sailboat and any left over “Rum” will be passed on to the very next person to turn “16”.
                            Out here sailing the “Rum” line.
                                  The Jefe’