Sailors Run’s Passage from Chiapas,Mexico to Bahia Caraquez,Ecuador April-2015.



Sailors Run’s Passage from Chiapas,Mexico to Bahia Caraquez,Ecuador April-2015.

The Statistics:

Day-1-24hr-run=127 nautical miles.

Position: Lat.13*12″N Long.91*24W

Weather-winds 5-12 kts when there was any,squalls with rain and lightning several times over night,but little wind in squalls. We had to motor for 5.5 hrs.

Day-2-24hr. run=108NM.

Position: Lat. 11*59″N Long. 90*41″W

Weather -winds 5-12kts. Motored for 8-hrs.

Day-3-24hr. run=95 NM.

Position: Lat 10*33″N Long. 90*13 W.

Winds were steadier from east but still light 5-10kts, with the exception of one large 20kts squall in the early morning. We motored for about 2 hrs.

The rest of the story:

This passage from Mexico to Ecuador is about 1200 Nautical Miles. [7-Nautical miles = 8 Statute miles]. Debbie and I try to sail as much as possible but if the winds die completely, and there is a swell running that causes the boat to roll from side to side and the sails to flog, we fire up the iron jenny [engine] and power at a very low 1400 rpm, normally making close to 4-kts.

Day-1 Debbie and I seen the very large 200- foot-3-masted schooner “Atlantic” motoring to the North along the El Salvador coast. We also noticed our wind generator has stopped spinning in winds of less than 12kts. I have new bearings for it and had planned to install them in Ecuador, as they are 6 years old and should be replaced about every 5-years of continues use. Debbie enjoyed the sailing all but the squalls and the nearly full moon was with us through the night.

Day-2 Finds Sailors Run motoring along for nearly 18-hrs on glassy seas under a bright full moon. Our 54hp Yanmar burns only ½ gallon an hour at 1400 RPM,this is important as Sailors Run’s fuel tank had but 40 usable gallons left in her 80-gallon tank upon departure. Debbie and I never worry about how much fuel we have, because we never burn more than what is in the tank, and with just 1200+ miles to go we should arrive with at least 20 gallons left in the tank. It’s important to know that our sails represent a vast amount of fuel for Sailors Run. I should also mention on my upcoming solo nonstop sail around the world I plan to do it unassisted, meaning that the wind will be my sole source of propulsion.
Deb and I enjoyed the total eclipse of the moon that came as a total surprise and happened in the early morning hours 3-5AM.

Day-3 Got real exciting when a large squall moved down upon us and we had full sail up. I went to furl the genoa in about half way. I tugged at the furler line to take the slack out of it before putting it on the winch, it was then that I realized something was very wrong as the line never became taught and just kept coming to me. A quick trip forward brought to light the problem. I looked on in disbelief that all three screws from the torque tube on the drum connection were gone.

I scurried back to the cockpit as the squall engulfed us, there was little I could do but slack the sheets and run off in front of it. The winds were about 20 kts and we charged off before them at a very uncomfortable 9.3kts. Soon the strongest winds had passed and we were able to steer clear of it after about 30-minutes.
I dug up three more screws and some lock tight and replaced them and the furler was back working once again. Those screws are now on my regular rigging inspection list.

So far the passage is going a little slower than expected, but hopefully day four will find us in the papagayo winds and blast us along.
HAPPY EASTER- Your Amigos, Jeff & Debbie