Sailor’s Runs Mexico to Ecuador Passage-Days-7-8-9-April-2015.

Sailor’s Runs Mexico to Ecuador Passage-Days-7-8-9-April-2015.

Day-7: 24hr. Run=67 NM. Weather: Light winds from the South 0-8kts. Seas: Low 3ft. swell from the south.
Position: Lat: 06*10’N Long:86*23’W.

Day-8: 24hr. Run=44 NM. Weather: Light Winds from North East 0-8knts. Low 3ft. swell from South.
Position: Lat: 05*42N Long: 85*49’W.

Day-9:24hr. Run=63 NM. Weather: Light winds from South East 0-10kts. Seas: Low swell 2ft. from the South. Position: Lat: 05*17’N Long: 85*08’W

Top speed for trip: 9.3 kts.

Total miles sailed so far: 830 nautical miles

Miles left to go to Ecuador:447 nautical miles

The rest of the Story:

Day-7   was yet another day of light winds that truly tested our patience as sailors. The light and fluky winds are even more elusive for us, considering our wind-X at the top of the mast [A big arrow that points in the direction the wind is coming from.] is no longer operational thanks to frigate birds in Acapulco that took up roosting on it at night. I have tied yarn onto many of the shrouds holding the mast up to be able to see what the wind direction is and that works well in the daylight, but at night they become almost invisible, because the only yarn I had was “black”.

This trip is to be my last shake down passage before the trip around the world, and I had planned on looking for things that could be changed to make things safer and easier for a single handler. The one thing that has become all too obvious is that since I’m sailing unassisted around the world meaning “no engine” that my weather routing that I intend to do myself is going to have to be spot on to accomplish this passage in 5-6 months, as the old Sailors Run needs 7 knots of breeze to sail effectively against adverse currents, and to actually avoid getting caught in the center of a high pressure system somewhere.

Just to keep things interesting our refrigeration system has died on us, and Debbie had to cook up all the meat in the freezer and now we must keep making ice twice a day with our ice maker that “thank God”! we have to keep the meat from spoiling until we can eat it all up. We were disappointed that the system failed as it is only 4-years old and it seems the pump is froze up and our last system made by the same company lasted 11-years in the same harsh environment. I had a spare control model and swapped that out, and nothing changed as it is still flashing a red light three times in a row meaning problems with the compressor. We will find out what they can come up with in Ecuador before attempting to get a replacement unit sent down.

Day-8 Finds us drift sailing along, and thank God the current is with us at about one half of a knot so at least we continually move towards our destination. Today was a very relaxing day as I think there is little left that will likely fail on this passage. The winds can’t diminish much more as they are practically nonexistent at present.
Debbie and I played BA-HA Rummy a card game and I actually beat her twice in a row something that seldom ever happens. So that was eventful

Day-9 things have become more difficult as the winds have decided to blow from the direction we want to go, and also the current that was once with us is now against us, all part of that equatorial current scheme of things. Now if the wind is less than 4 -knots, we can no longer move towards our destination under sail and with our fuel down to the last 20-gallons we are praying the wind Gods will smile upon us and keep that wind up in the 10kt range.

Debbie redeemed herself at rummy, handing me a severe loss on this day.

Reporting on the vessel that I mentioned last time: Sv Nirvana Now, with Randy & Mona was scuttled . It had lost its rudder and makeshift rudder as well as it’s forestay due to wave action. They were ¾ of the way to Hiva Oha,Marquesas. The crew was picked up by another vessel SV Continuum and are now heading to the French Polynesia. The 203 ft schooner came as well to rescue them, but decided to just stay on the vessel that rescued them. The couple is well known thru out the sailing community and we all are very sad for their loss, but thankful they are safe

I’m so happy to report that it appears the foul weather gear issue has been resolved in a wonderful way. Our good friends Brent and Susan off the boat SV Akauahelo ,that we did the BA-HA-HA with back in 1999 are donating a set that Brent has never used and realizes a friend can put them to good use.

“Thanks Brent & Susan you’re the best”.

Hanging in there sailing the “Rum” line, Your amigos ,Jeff& Debbie