Sailors Run’s 5-Star Day 5/17/2014

Every once in awhile it just happens you have a great day and May-17th was just such a day. Now that’s not to say that the days leading up to the 17th were nearly so shiny.

I had been in San Francisco with my son Daniel for the past ten days trying to finalize the book, ”Cape Horn: Ahead or Behind Forever on My Mind.” Dan had figured 4-hard days more of work and the book would be finalized. “Wrong”, the 4-days had soon turned into ten and one of them involved me being on the computer for 18+hrs. We had trouble with my computer and decided to buy a new one. Buying the new computer was a total waste of time as the new windows -8 program would not stay connected to the internet as the program wanted a new 150-dollar router. Dan & I made three trips to the store exchanging computers thinking we would get this issue resolved and never did.

Dan somehow supped up the old computer so it would operate at about 5 times the speed it had been operating at. Once operational we spent those ten-days either in his office on his 65-foot sailboat or at several different libraries to get the book wrapped up.

The 5-star day happened when we drove from San Francisco to Gig Harbor, Washington where he has a home. The first thing that happened was we got free coffee at Star Bucks because we had to wait for them to make new coffee. When we turned on our computers, after arriving in Gig Harbor, suddenly we realized all our effort had paid off as the Book was now available on and also the Kindle Version was out.

Now after over two- years of putting together, writing and rewriting, editing and reediting by Debbie, Candace our first editor, myself and Daniel its available for all of you to get your hands on.

Cover   I’m sure you are all going to love this epic adventure and here is the best way to get it. Use one of the following link:

Paperback book

Kindle Version

Some other great news, we are up and live in the blogosphere and will be frequently adding post and pictures (not previously an option with my adventure update platform) to our new site. You can find us and follow us much more closely now by visiting us at:

Please remember not only are you going to have an exciting fun read with photos; you will also be helping fund the next epic adventure “Around the world nonstop, solo, sailing south of the five great capes”.

Also it would be a great help to me if you could please take the time to rate the book at expressing what you enjoyed most about the book and rating it 1-5 stars.

Making this book a reality has been a long journey and I can’t express my gratitude enough for all you guys have done to support me along the way. From the little well wishes of good luck, to the hang in theirs, to the big butt saving favors it really means a lot and doesn’t go unnoticed or unappreciated. So from the bottom of our hearts, Thank You!

Your Amigos Jeff & Debbie