Debbie and I just want you all to know that not only are we alive and well in Bahia, but so is the spirit of the Ecuadorian people. We can already see the beginning of Bahia coming back with new construction occurring right behind the demolition of damaged buildings.
  Puerto Amistad has reopened with a new owner, yet most of the old staff whom we like very well are still here. The good news is the cost of moorage has been reduced by almost 100-dollars and the restaurant is now open at 7 am for breakfast and many of the dinner meal costs have been reduced by 2-dollars each and the cost of a 22-oz beer is just 2-dollars down from a recent increase of 2.50 per beer.

 Of course Bahia has a long way to go to get housing for everyone, yet we believe it will all happen over the next 5-years. We also want cruisers to be aware that we feel it is very safe here, and security for boats left here for returning to US or Canada, or inland travel is very good.
  Soon Debbie and I will fly to New Mexico and Washington State where we plan to spend the next 3-months, visiting friends and family not to mention getting many things repaired from the boat and replacement of other damaged equipment.
  We will be getting some photos out on our blog once we get back in the states
  We wish you al a great summer with lots of adventure thrown in.
                                            Your Amigos Jeff& Debbie