Sailors Run and the Jefe’ ready to sail out onto the “Big Blue”

   Wow! Can you believe it?  Once again the time has come to embark on yet another great adventure. I must admit the last one nearly killed me, but somehow I think this new one will be a piece of “cake” hmmmmmm.
  The plan is to sail to Kauai, Hawaii one of my most favorite Hawaiian Islands. I will depart on the first of March and barring any unforeseen disasters I should arrive within about 23-days as the distance is about 3,200nm from Barra De Navidad, Mexico.
  Sailors Run is in top shape once again after much work and money with all things operational with the exception of the water maker who’s transmission recently give it up and I have elected to be more aggressive at collecting rain water off of my new Bimini that has a rain gutter on each side.
  The combined area of the mizzen sail and the Bimini should end up producing lots of water where I plan to be sailing in the near future. I think Kauai is one of the wettest places on earth.
  After a short stay in Kauai Sailors Run and I will next venture out to the Marshall Islands to Majuro another 2,000nm to the SW where I hope to spend a year or two exploring the outer atolls.
  I had a wonderful month with my wife Debbie here in Mexico and she is thinking of doing something similar in the Marshall Islands.
  I will keep you all updated with reports each three days while on passage. If anyone wants to be removed from the list of Amigos or added please let me know.
  Also remember when responding to an email please do not HIT REPLY as it sends the whole adventure back to me via a slow email connection
  I must admit it’s always the last few days before jumping off that my adrenalin starts to flow and the excitement builds within me. I can still say there is nothing else I would sooner be doing than venturing far out to sea once again.
  Whoops-awe -shit!! Can you believe it?  I just talked to several of my friends that cruised out of the Hawaiian Islands and they informed me that Kauai does not have a complete immigration service.
  Wow, this spells trouble for the Jefe’. Trouble many times can be avoided by compromise, sometimes small sometimes large.
  The problem here being I must clear in at a different island before Kauai, that in itself’s not to bad but when I eventually want to leave Kauai I must now sail 100 nm into the trades to get a Zarpa in Oahu for the Marshall Islands.
  Now having been a lineman working with electricity much of my life I have found that electricity follows the path of least resistance as I have decided to do and will give Hawaii a pass. I will miss not seeing my friends, but the Marshall Islands are  after all my ultimate goal and what is 2,000 extra miles when you are sailing downwind in the trades anyway?
   Standby and possibly we might all learn something from the Jefe’s next great adventure.
                      Love you Amigo’s- The Jefe’