Mexico to the Marshall’s Days: 10-11-12.

Total miles sailed last 3-days =397nm.
Total distance sailed so far=1,593.
Aprox. distance left to go=3,408 nm. This number is assuming all the miles I have sailed are directly toward my destination, trust me they are not.
Top speed so far= 9.1 kts.
  Pos. Lat.15*11′ N. Long. 125*09′ W.
  24hr. Run=122nm.
  Weather: Wind 0-12kts.E Seas 3-4 ft.E. Barometer 1010mb. Cabin Temp 78*
The rest of the story:
    On this day we struggle to get south in hopes of finding stronger winds. It was noon when the wind “crapped out” all together and the waves continued to roll Sailors Run, and after just a few minutes of that senseless flogging I splashed up the old diesel, getting us once again putting along at 4 kts, and that just enough to keep the sails from flogging to death.
Just short of 2-hrs. the wind filled in and off we go again.
  When I pull the weather info it shows that the wind that was to be happening here tomorrow is now another 120nm. to the South. “Shit” I give up and go back to sailing the mark and to hell with all the strategy.
  The sail is just pleasant and that is about all that can be said.
  There is one big problem aboard and that is these 23- liters of rum I have. It looks like I might not be drinking this stuff. Possibly I should just toss them over the side, like any good convert would do hmmmm.
  No, I have thought better about the rum and it may become crucial in negotiating information leading to the current where about’s of the “lost tribes”. Could it be that the lost tribes were on the continent of Atlantis when it disappeared?
  Wait a minute what if i don’t have diabetes and can still drink this stuff. I best not be to hasty, after all it is a simple thing to find out if I actually have diabetes as I read in my “Where there is no doctor book”. It goes like this, first I taste my pee, if it tastes sweet then I must have two other people taste it and then in turn the three of us taste the pee of three other people and if mine is the sweetest pee then “yap” I got it. Hmmm that rum might go along ways towards finding the volunteers that will be needed upon my arrival at either the Marshall Islands or the “lost continent of Atlantis” which ever might occur first.
                              The Jefe’ cruising the Pacific with “sweet pee”.
 Pos. Lat. N. 15*41′. Long. W. 127*19′.
 24 hr. Run=133 nm,
Weather: Wind 8-14kts NE. Seas 4-ft. NE. Bar.=1010mb. Cabin temp. 78*.
The rest of the Story.
  Today finds me working on improving my rain catchment system. You might remember I put gutters on each side of the bimini with the idea that the rain would run of the bimini into them,”wrong”. It seems when the wind blows the flaps on the bimini fly out beyond the gutters.
  I believe I have solved this problem by installing a twist lock like what is used on a sail cover on the inboard edge of the gutter that I can now lock the flap down to, and it looks kike it should work just fine. I should mention that it has not rained one single drop on this passage yet and with all the water I have been drinking out of my limited supply there is little twinge of anxiety kicking in once and awhile.
  It seems pretty amazing that just after 3-days of no “drinky-drinky”,cookies,chips, and candy I can already tell I’m slimming down. I’m pretty sure our speed and distance made good will also improve with “El Capitan Slender” aboard.
  Today was a wrap on the antibiotics, so will give my system 3-days to flush out before I start the next phases of treatments.
                            “Where there is no doctor”, there is the jefe’
  Pos. Lat. 16*19’N. Long. 129*34′ W.
  Weather: Wind 10-15kts NE. Seas 5-6ft. NE. Bar.=1010mb. Cabin Temp=78*
The Rest of the Story.
  Day -12 is our best mileage day so far with 141nm. I had also hoped that after our 11th-day we would b 33% complete on the trip, and that has not happened do to lighter winds than anticipated making good on only 28% of the distance. I feel a sliver of hope now that captain “slender” is coming aboard that the old Sailors Run is starting to “turn and burn”. we shall see.
  It was 6:30 am. when I noticed a ship easing onto the A.I.S. screen. It was the Libra Voyager a super tanker 330 meters long and 60-meters wide with a draft of over 21-meters, now that is one humongous new neighbor to approach within 15 nm of you.
  The ships destination was “Nimbo” I’m not quite sure where that is.
  My first instinct was to contact the ship and see if possibly “Nimbo” was one of the lost cities and, when they got to “Nimbo” if they could keep a sharp eye out for any “Tribes” that appeared to be lost.
  Then I thought better of it as it would be highly unlikely that a lost city would have adequate bank connections to order up a “Zillion” gallons of bulk oil.
                        Just enjoying the sail the Jefe’