Mexico to Marshall Isl. Voyage Days 7-8-9.

Miles sailed last 3-days=399 nm.
 Total miles sailed so far=1,196 nm.
 Distance left to go=3804 nm.
 Top speed so far 9.1.
Pos. Lat N. 17*24′. Long. W. 120*02′.
24 hr. run=135nm.
Weather: Wind 8-14 kts. NNW. Seas N. 4-5 ft. Bar. 1011 mb. Cabin Temp.=76*
The Rest of the Story:
   Well, the first week is behind us and very little has broken and we have been able to make decent progress with my only regret being that we missed our 1000 nm. a week objective. We were close so possibly next week we can pick up the slack.
  I’m some what concerned about the light conditions as that leaves me with copious amounts of time to do a “dangerous amount” of thinking.
  I was pretty amazed today when I realized that I had not had a drink in 3-days and this now the forth one. I found my self questioning “what in the hell am I doing out here”.
  Soon the craziest of problems was handled, and the sky’s turned blue filling with trade wind clouds, the seas are now “Cobalt Blue”, and the winds are picking up, and I’m back to where I was going.
  Dinner was an experiment, I put a can of mushroom soup and a can of baby clams into a pot with a can of milk and I was pretty pleased at how well that all tasted.
  Seen my first ship in quite awhile it was a 190-meter tanker and it came within 12 NM. of the Sailors Run. I guess you never know when new folks are coming to the neighbor hood.
                  Souping it up in the trades. The Jefe’
  Position Lat. N. 17*02′ W. 122*01′.
  Weather: Wind 8-14kts. NE. Seas. 4ft. NE. Bar.= 1008mb. Cabin Temp.=77*
The Rest of the Story.
  The sailing on Day-8 was much like day-7 nice and easy the only thing being different is I gybed over onto the Port tack for the first time to get a bit further south as there appears to be a dead spot coming up after another day, and we are trying to skirt that.
  I seem to be feeling better day by day and spent more time up on deck taking in nature at it’s best. Seen a large pod of dolphins and they were quite large and appeared very healthy. There seems to be lots of fish in the area as I watched a school of flying fish take to the air appearing to fly from the mouth’s of the large school of fish that were pursuing them. The escape flight however was to no avail as when they attempted to reenter the sea, I could see the mouths of many large fish having lunch.
  It was on a look top-sides at midnight that I gazed up in to a coal black, crystal clear night sky, and the star-filled Heavens nearly took my breath away. The Vision was mesmerizing as it looked like I could no doubt reach them from the top of the mast. There were also a few meteors about and on a later trip up I glanced to the South into the night sky and there was the constellation of the “Southern Cross” just above the horizon.
                              Enjoying the ride across the Pacific, the Jefe’.
  24hr. run=129nm.
  Position Lat. N. 16*44′. lONG. W. 123* 51′.
  Weather: Wind=7-14kts. NE. Seas=3-4ft. NE. Bar =1009mb. Cabin temp =77*.
The Rest of the Story.
   This am. finds Sailors Run reaching along nicely on a starboard reach. [wind coming in over the stern on the starboard quarter]
  Noon, I gybe to the port reach taking us on a more southerly course in search of stronger winds, and avoiding an area ahead of me with almost no wind.
  Now over 1200 miles of the Mexican coast I can at last share with you the purposes of this voyage and they are many,
      1. One of “discovery”.
      2. Full-filling my “passion” for off shore sailing.
      3. Searching for the “Lost Tribes”. I have some concerns on this one as I don’t know just how many were lost, or there names, or “Who” lost them.
      4. Finding the five “lost Cities”. This is also troubling as I only know the name of one and it was Atlantis which was also a continent and at this point I’m hoping the other 4-cities are on the same continent.
      5. If “Rocket Man” lights one off and it goes overhead going your way I’m to give you a “heads up”.
      6. One of self healing. I believe that my time rich environment, and well stocked medical library, have brought me to the discovery that I have developed “senior diabetes”
I seem to be exhibiting 10 of the 8 symptoms such as cotton mouth, frequent urination,and urinating allot.
  I have found that by eliminating alcohol, all sugar possible and eating primarily protein and vegetables many of the symptoms are going away.
  I have also noticed improvement in my vision, hearing, and overall energy level. This is a pretty cool discovery and a perfect environment to work with it in.
                          On watch in the Pacific.
                                      The jefe’