Marshall Islands Voyage Days. 40-41-42

Marshall Islands,
The Town of Majuro where Jeff is now on lower right hand side

The Atoll of Majuro in the Marshall Islands

Anchorage at Majuro where Jeff is on a mooring ball

 Miles sailed last three days and 6 hrs. 30″ = 481 nm.
Miles left to go-0-.On a mooring in Majuro, Marshall Islands
Total miles sailed=5,775 nm.
Pos. Lat. 10*13′ N. Long. 174*58′ E.
24hr.Run= 161 nm.
Weather: Wind= 12-20 kts. ENE. Seas= 6-8 ft. Bar.=1003 mb. Cabin
The Rest of the Story:
  I’m getting closer day by day now with less than 300nm. to go.
  Last night while asleep I was suddenly awakened by my 6-mile AIS perimeter alarm going off. This alarm is an add on and very loud. I get up and view the AIS screen and there are two 125 ft. fishing vessels there. The closest one will pass 3.5 miles off my port beam. I stay up and read keeping an eye on the two boats in close proximity. These boats were actively fishing and all lit up.
  I should mention that the night before last, I had a Buoy show up on my AIS and I came within 1.5 miles of it and never could see it on radar nor did it appear to be lit, just glad for the AIS. making me aware. This no doubt was a weather buoy or tidal wave warning buoy for Hawaii.
  Searched the boat some and found the quarantine yellow flag that must be flown when entering a foreign country.
  Further research on the lost city of Zinj where solomon’s mines had been located in Zaire, Africa. I turned up some not so good news, and I believe the expedition to go there is most likely a no go.
  It seems in 1979 there were geologists at the site and the city had been rediscovered. The industrial blue diamonds that were worth millions were also there, but on the same day the diamonds were discovered Mount Mukenko erupted and the expedition there on the ground of 11- people only 5-barely escaped with their lives. It seems the site of the mine and city are today buried under a half of mile of Lava. Oh well at least we know where it is.
                                Heading for the “Barn” the Jefe’
  Pos. Lat.08* 12’S. Long. 153*22′ E. nm.
  Weather: Wind=10-18kts. E. Seas=6-8ft. Bar.=1004 mb. Cabin Temp.83*-89*.
The Rest of the Story.
  “One more night”, and I will be tied up to a mooring in Majuro. Heck, I guess I better brush my teeth comb my hair and put clothes on.
  Today was interesting because I came across two fishing boats up ahead of me and one of them decided to play “cat & mouse” with me. He positioned himself right on my course line and would speed up and slow down so as to stay there. He was about 7 miles distant when this all began. I waited until I was 4-miles from him, then altered course to weather 20* to sail clear of his bow. Now, I would see on the AIS. if he increased speed from his 1.2 kts that was keeping him on my previous course line to enable him once again get directly in front of me.
  Suddenly he switched his AIS. off, so I could not see what he was doing. I go ok and I switched mine off, and cranked up the radar. I watched as he speed up and attempted to get in front of me for about 30 minutes but eventually he went back to fishing slowing back down. I switched my AIS. back on, and after about ten minutes the fishing boat showed back up on AIS.
  The boat had a number rather than a name and the number  had the letters CH in front of it, and was possibly a Chinese fishing boat, as it had a strange appearance, not a Purseiner but most likely a long liner. It was about 100-ft. in length.
  Getting real excited to get in.
              Pounding out the last miles the Jefe’
Day-42 + 6 hrs.30″
  Pos. Lat. 07*15′ N. Long. 171*27′ E.
  24hr, Run=136nm.
  Weather: Wind=8-14kts. ESE. Seas=4-6ft. E. Cabin Temp. 86*-89*. Bar.=1004 mb.
The Rest of the Story.
  One last night and what a doozy as I had to sail in close to the reef and Islands sticking out to the north of Arno Atoll an arm that extends about 10 miles out, and in the same vicinity is a pile of rocks that exists out there. The bottom line is I had to duck under the pile of rocks all in the night and deal with that extension of Arno making it impossible to sleep.
  The sailing had gone well as I heaved to outside the pass waiting for first light. I have been in here before but it was 14-years ago so since daylight was not so far away I hove to under main and mizzen waiting.
  Finally, the first light showed and I headed in the unmarked pass and by staying 1/2 mile off the Island on my port side the least depth I seen was 45 ft. but moved over 1/4 mile over and the depth is 4-ft. whoops!!
  My friend Cary and a guy by the name of chuck helped me get tied up.
  I launched the dinghy and took a 75-cent cab ride to the customs and immigration and was checked into the Marshall Islands for as long as I want to stay and it was all free. I guess they charge you 10-dollars to check out, “How sweet is that”.
  You best believe I will have a couple of rum drinks tonight and sleep like a “dead man”.
                          Thanks for riding along and for all your support Love you all the Jefe’