Marshall Islands Voyage Days 25-26-27.

Miles sailed last three days too few at=326 NM.
Total distance sailed so far.=3661
Miles left to go aprox.=1300 nm.
Top speed so far.=12.2kts.
   Pos. Lat. 13* 04′ N. Long. 156* 13′ W.
  24hr. Run= 127nm.
  Weather: Wind. 0-50kts. from all directions. Seas confused and 3-8ft. Bar.=1004. Cabin temp. 80*-83*.
The Rest of the Story.
  Today finds Sailors Run dealing with many micro weather systems in light and some what variable winds with a sky that is very much overcast. I should mention that the sky was very “Red” this morning.
  Yes,it has become pretty strange all right. The winds are very light out of the SE. at 7 kts. and the sky’s are 100% overcast. We are doing about 3.5 kts when I notice what looks like a squall in among st all those other clouds but not very well defined.
  I turned on the radar and was shocked to see it was only three miles away and it was a “whopper” over 12 miles long and at least 7-miles thick. I figured it was moving NW. as the wind was out of the SE. So I altered course aiming at the southern tip figuring we would just get brushed by it. “Wrong”!!!
I rolled in the Genoa sail to be safe as some how it was getting real close real fast. That left me with a full main and a reefed stay sail still up.
  Now, here was the dilemma- normally in a squall when the winds are light they normally just double the wind strength, but you have to remember that any squall over 8-miles long can be a “gear buster”. What you don’t realize is the giant squall has sucked all the energy out of the area creating the lighter winds.
  As it approaches my wind goes to zero knots forcing me too start the engine just to maintain steerage, I think I’m just going to get the boat washed. Suddenly! “Pandora’s Box” opens, and there is 25-knots of wind from the NW. the exact opposite of what we had been experiencing, and I fall off on a broad reach to the South  reducing the stress on the rig and sails, as the winds are now blowing a sustained 50-knots and Sailors Run is doing 9.6 kts for the next hour slowing to 8 kts for yet another hour and oh, yea the boat got a real wash and those gutters on the Bimini had lots of water pouring out of the spouts.
  Now! I’m just happy to say I seen this one coming and reduced sail significantly just in time, but had it caught me unaware at night it would have really put us to the test.
                              The Jefe’ yet again survives another “Blow Job” in the Pacific.
  Pos. Lat.12*27’N. Long. 157* 28′ W.
  Weather: Wind 5-10kts. E. Seas 2-3 ft. E. Bar.1006 mb. Cabin Temp 82*-86*.
The Rest of the Story.
    Today is a nice sunny slow day just poking along trying to get there.
    I have completed all of my antibiotic therapy and now I believe its time to get my chemical dependence’s back in order.
   You see since not having a drink in 22-days I’m fright fully afraid my blood is getting way to thick. Also with the dietary change like no cookies,chips,sugar, or alcohol, this has left my body awash in urine.
  So, now begins a gradual increase in my alcohol consumption to recapture that dehydration level that puts the Jefe’ right once again. Wish me luck on this one!
                          Kick en back some “cold ones” in the Pacific.
                                      The Jefe’
  Pos. Lat. 11*59′ N, Long. 159*00′ W.
  24hr. Rum Ha Ha 106 NM.
  Weather: Wind. 8-10 kts. E. Seas. 2-3 ft. E.
The Rest of the Story.
  Sailing with trade wind sky’s but very light trades, making for slow going.
 My current weather info shows me in 15 kts. of wind and I can assure you that is not happening. It looks like more wind is on the way so lets hope so.
  I’m on my second and last propane tank and it is 5-gallons and should last me 3-months. The first one was pretty low when I left Mexico. It seems with two people on board a tank will last about two months.
  The Produce is dwindling as I’m on the last cabbage [Debbie said take 4- I should have listened].  I have but two tomatoes left, yet still lots of carrots potatoes and onions. The Apples are holding out pretty well and I have lots of eggs and there are always more fish in the sea.
  I have nearly a full tank of fuel as I only ran the engine on the first day out for about 6-hrs. and twice when the wind totally died and I had to splash it up for an hour until the wind filled back in.
  I have 15 gallons of gas for my Honda 2-KW Generator if needed. I have pulled it out twice on the voyage to give the batteries a little boost. I have a 50-Amp charger that it powers.
  I’m currently sailing at 3.5kts.
  Here is something else the Jefe’ has been thinking about. Those solar farms out on the desert, now I know if a solar panel is not cleaned quite frequently their ability to produce power is very much diminished and out in the desert is there not lots of dust and wouldn’t a severe dust storm possibly permanently craze the glass reducing their performance. Like maybe panels built to last 20-years become only 25% effective after possibly just 5-years. And where do you get the water to wash them in the desert? This could add to the cost of the free power substantially. Oh! maybe they are building 100- acre domes that open and close and can protect them when the desert winds appear.
                            Hey I got to think about something. The Jefe’