Marshall Islands Voyage days 19-20-21.

Total miles sailed last 3-days= 384 nm.
Total miles sailed so far=2841 nm.
Aprox distance left to go=2150 nm.
Top speed for voyage= New high=10.2 kts.
   Pos. Lat. 14*08′ N. Long. 142*58′ W.
  24hr.Run 91nm.
  Weather: Wind=ENE at 5-8 kts. Seas= ENE. 3-4 ft. Barometer=1007 mb.       Cabin Temp. 80*
The Rest of the Story.
  As you can see today was the least miles traveled so far on the voyage, sailing in very light to nearly non existent winds.
  On this day I tossed out the fishing line with little confidence for success, because of the low boat speed.
  Days like this are perfect for lots of reading-reading, and more reading.
  Good things are taking place aboard the Sailors Run. Last night I crawled into my sea berth for a few winks of sleep, before I would no doubt have to get up to “pee” in 1.5 hrs maximum.
 I awoke to the sound of sails popping and snapping on deck. I crawled out to see what was up. Curious about the hour I snapped on the cabin light illuminating the clock over my bunk.”Holly Shit” I had been out for 6-hrs. After a quick look about top sides and scanning the radar, I set about adjusting our course to get the sails back drawing once again. Once back below I went to my berth to see if possibly I wet the bed, because this seemed so strange. No the bed was dry and a sense of relief came over me as I realized I’m rapidly getting back to normal.
  I have been on the sulfur drugs for 6-days now and they are definitely working. I will continue on with them for another 6-days as these urinary types of infections can be stubborn to rid yourself of. “Hal-a-Lu-Ya Praise the Lord”.
  The strange thing about this sudden improvement in my health is last night I broke down and ate a package of “Chips Ahoy” cookies before going to bed. The cookies are thought to be one of the causes of me having to get up so often. Hmmmm.
                    Thinking about that “rum drink’ and setting a new single handed sleeping record.
                                            Looking for wind the Jefe’
   Pos. Lat. 13*45′ N. Long. 144*47′ W.
  Weather: Wind 7-14 kts. NE. Seas-4-5ft. NE. Bar.=1004mb. Cabin Temp. 80*-87*.
The Rest of the Story.
    I passed over the Marquess’s Islands just 1500 miles to the south of me yesterday and should come within about 300nm. of Palmyra Island, before to much longer
  I must stay north of 10* N. to take advantage of the Northern Equatorial Current it runs at about 1/2 kt. Below the 10* N. is the Equatorial counter current doing the same thing back the other way. Once beyond 165* west longitude I can drop down as so does the current.
  Fishing again this day but hold out little hope as we are going to slow for the lure to work.
  With the light winds and small seas I don’t get squid or flying fish onboard. I remember when Debbie and I were sailing to the Marquess’s back in 2001, I got hit in the chest with a 12″ flying fish and it not only hurt but I thought I had been shot. Lucky for me it did not hit my eye.
  The winds started building overnight so it looks like good sailing for several days to come.
                                Lets have a 160nm. day, come on baby.
                                          The Jefe’
   Pos. Lat.14*09’N Long. 147*37′. W.
  24hr.Run= 169nm.
  Weather: Wind NE. 15-18kts. Seas NE. 6-7ft. Bar.=1005mb. Cabin Temp. 80*-84*
The Rest of the Story.
  Today is the best day of sailing so far covering 169 nm. going fast and hoping for a fish. Today also seen us pass the half way point in the Voyage.
  Now with bigger seas and occasional rogue waves that slam us on the side I must be very careful not to get injured as things happen fast and often. Of course this makes sleeping much more difficult and I find myself continually evaluating the sea state and wind strength to determine if a sail reduction is needed. Its nice to at last be going fast but there is still along ways to go and we don’t want to break.
  Towards evening in building winds I took the Mizzen sail down and lashed it to the boom. By doing this I move the center of effort further forward on our sail plan making maintaining steering control while surfing waves much easier. Next move will be a reef in the main if the wind starts exceeding 20kts.
  The veggies ae still holding out so eating lots of salads and stir fry’s.
            Come on “Fish” where are you?
                  The Jefe’ just trying to hook up in the Pacific.