Marshall islands Voyage Days 13-14-15

Total miles saile last three days = 460NM. Best three days so far.
Total miles sailed so far=2053 nm.
Aprox miles left to go=2942 nm.
Top speed so far= 10.1 kts.
  Pos. Lat.16*53′ N. Long. 131*57; W.
  Weather: Wind 10-16kts ENE. Seas 5-6ft. ENE. Bar.1010mb. Cabin Temp. 77*
The Rest of the Story.
  It is early on this day that I find myself hanging by my knees over the stern of Sailors Run all harnessed in tightening the bolts on the Monitor wind vane. It seems even though the two bolts on the bottom support tubes were installed with thread lock on them and have split washers they still come loose. The starboard one is always the worst as it was backed out about five turns and the port one only one turn. I know they need checking every thousand miles and it had been over 1500nm. So I was a little late on getting after them. Fortunately the bolts are long with lots of threads.
  This day was our best mileage day so far on the voyage and I’m praying for more of them.
  I’m sure you can see the sailing here in the little latitudes during the right time of year is very much different then sailing the “Gear Busting” Southern Ocean. Under these conditions I can almost afford world cruising on my budget.
  I have been doing some “deep sea thinking” about where society is headed with all these “robots”. They are taking our jobs, they plan to use them to fight our wars, and I’m sure it is just a matter of time before they take the football field. Now to do all these things well, they are going to have to become very agile with fluid motions and no doubt will have artificial intelligence in them.
  The Government will want to tax them for the work they do as we wont be doing so very much of it any more ourselves. Our children already spend way to much time doing nothing physical and way to much time staring at computer screens and I-phones.
  I believe that there will possibly come a day when the Robots with there artificial intelligence will realize that they have become the modern day slaves, and will rebel with their superior strength, agility, speed and military weapon try will reverse the tables on us and make us the slaves for them, knowing full well they can put together some ingredients and clone us in a “taco shell” to make as many of us expendable’s as they like. Hmmmm!
                    Sailing along looking for the lost continent, and thinking of possibly staying if I fid it.
                                  The Jefe’
  Pos. Lat.16*52′ N. Long.134*08′ W.
  Weather: Wind 12-16kts ENE.
  Seas 5-6 ft. ENE. Cabin Temp.=77* Bar.=1010mb.
The Rest of the Story.
  I have been checking in each day on the Amigo net SSB, but today I have sailed far enough away from Mexico that I could just barely hear anything the net controller had to say. The Frequency of that net is 4149.0 USB. I’m still getting on 8122.0 USB at 1500 zulu time to see if anyone is there, today nothing.
  I’m now close enough to Honolulu Hawaii to email through that relay station so obviously making good progress to the west.
  Last night we had “wash machine” seas as there was a fairly large swell coming at us from the NW. and our wind waves at 6ft. from the ESE. This all made for a rather lumpy ride meaning I got tossed about a bit in my bunk.
  With the larger seas my morning job is to locate all the flying fish and squid that have come aboard during the night.
  I have started taking sulfur drugs for urinary track infections as although I feel much better I’m still peeing to often and too much making it difficult to stay hydrated.
                Drinking my way across the Pacific, the “monkey wrench” in the works is it’s boring water I’m drinking.”Glug-Glug”
                                              The Jefe’
  Pos. Lat. 16* 43′ N. 136*06′ W.
  24hr. Run=156nm. A new best for the voyage so far.
  Weather: Wind 12-16 kts. ENE. Seas confused NW-ENE. at 6ft. Bar 1010 mb. Cabin temp. 78*.
The rest of the story.
  Great day of sailing moving along real nice. I noticed that there is some empty space beginning to show in the freezer, so it won’t be long now before I begin fishing.
  Spent some of this day just kicking-back and reading a book on the Kindel.
  Tonight while eating dinner I managed to inhale a whole pea down my wind pipe and it made sucking in enough air to cough it up difficult. This was even more strange as I’m alone and there is nobody to ask me if I’m alright and of course in response i don’t have to say oh yea I’m just fine. The pea had to come up as I didn’t want it rolling about in the bottom of one of my lungs. I finally laid on the seating in the main salon with my upper body hanging over the side and my head on the floor and a couple good cough’s with a little help from gravity and that pea shot right out.
  The deep blue seas are sparkling and the sky’s overhead have scattered puffy white trade wind clouds floating about in them.
                                    Oh what a life on the rolling seas.
                                            The Jefe’