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Sailors Run gets new automatic bilge pump and high water alarm.

Sailors Run gets new automatic bilge pump and high water alarm.


Try wearing a dry suite in 85* temperatures in Mexico, all in the name of safety.

Try wearing a dry suit in 85* temperatures in Mexico, all in the name of safety.

A typical afternoon safety meeting on dock-6

A typical afternoon safety meeting on dock-6

Drinking shots with friends.

Drinking shots with friends.

Debbie goes to the next level.

Debbie goes to the next level.

Fresh fruits and Vegetables show up at the marina almost every other day

Fresh fruits and Vegetables show up at the marina almost every other day

Debbie stuffing turkey for Thanksgiving.

Debbie stuffing turkey for Thanksgiving.

Give me a shoe horn and I think the turkey will slip right in.

Give me a shoe horn and I think the turkey will slip right in.

I hope it is done!

I hope it is done!

Our favorite part of Thanksgiving.

Our favorite part of Thanksgiving.

Debbie and I in the shirts Debbie made for supporting our team the "Sea Hawks

Debbie and I in the shirts Debbie made for supporting our team the “Sea Hawks

At first it is hard to see all the advantages to running races.

At first it is hard to see all the advantages to running races.

Debbie awaiting her turn on stage with the Pacifico Girls.

Debbie awaiting her turn on stage with the Pacifico Girls.

Debbie is hoping some how she gets this truck as a prize at the Mazatlan Marathon.

Debbie is hoping some how she gets this truck as a prize at the Mazatlan Marathon.

Can you believe these two Kenyan's thought they had a chance of beating the Jefe'.

Can you believe these two Kenyan’s thought they had a chance of beating the Jefe’.

Hanging with friends before the race started.

Hanging with friends before the race started.

5-K and 10-K finishers finishing at the same time. The common denominator is that we have both kicked our own "Asses".

5-K and 10-K finishers finishing at the same time. The common denominator is that we have both kicked our own “Asses”.

There is competition for everyone here in Mazatlan.and trust me they are srious

There is competition for everyone here in Mazatlan.and trust me they are serious

Yes there were medals for everyone.

Yes! there were medals for everyone.

Debbie found the perfect mascot.

Debbie found the perfect mascot.

Beauty abounds in Mexico.

Beauty abounds in Mexico.

Debbie and I showing off our new Marathon T=shirts.

Debbie and I showing off our new Marathon T=shirts.

Lots of people showed up to release baby turtles into the sea, here in Mazatlan.

Lots of people showed up to release baby turtles into the sea, here in Mazatlan.

Stocking up on provisions on the old Sailors Run.

Stocking up on provisions on the old Sailors Run.


The Clock is counting down for Sailors Run and Crew. Dec. 2014.

Debbie and I have been very much enjoying our time here in Mazatlan, at the Mazatlan Marina. I’m pretty sure if Sailors Run had a voice she would say she loves the long showers with lots of soap and water to freshen her up a bit as well the batteries getting all the juice being plugged in
Now when you go to a marina, as most of you know your financial resources hemorrhage and nearly bleed out. For us this is especially true as the next adventure forces one to dig deep and spend heavily on the side of safety at sea. I think I have installed so many bells and whistles that when they start going off the challenge might be to figure out what the problem really is. My hearing being what it is means bigger and louder alarms, so now it is three audible alarms for engine overheating, collision course with another vessel, and high water alarm and two of them sound the same but can’t remember which ones those are. The engine alarm should be no problem as I won’t be using that on the solo circumnavigation. The high water alarm and collision alarm should both require getting up and if my socks stay dry then it might be imperative that I take a look around top sides.
It was just yesterday that I realized on my trip around the Horn I never had a dry suit for survival in cold water. I had a mustang work suit, but nothing that you would want to bob around in the ocean in. I believe the magnitude of the upcoming jaunt in the southern ocean has sharpened my survival senses and I put out a call on the net here in Mazatlan looking for a dry suit and low and behold I was able to pick one up for about $75 dollars.
As you might all imagine I’m looking in all directions right now trying to pull together any and everything that will lead to my success on a most serious upcoming adventure, so hang in there you will all be with me when the “Shit” hits the fan, via email every three days as long as the radio link keeps working.
Debbie and I have spent the past month training here in Mazatlan, and ran a 5K and a 10K in conjunction with the Marathon, one of the top 50-rated in the world. Debbie and I hung out with the Kenyans before our races and were truly impressed with their friendly nature. Mazatlan knows how to put on a truly fun event and the local people just love being part of it. Debbie was happy as she bettered her time from last year by two minutes in the 5-K doing it in 32 mins and I was happy to run a 56’45” 10-K. We are both dropping weight and feeling better each day. Debbie likes fitting into clothes that she had out grown and with me it’s about building my endurance for what lays ahead.
We are leaving on the 9th 0f December for Puerto Vallarta to visit friend s there, as we gradually sail south towards Ecuador.
Christmas is almost here and we want to wish you all a fantastic one and a Happy New Year.
Your Amigos Jeff & Debbie #Go Sea Hawks”
PS. See photos on blog site. []

Sea of Cortez Final Adventure for 2014

Sailors Run as seen from the top of Smith Volcano, a near vertical climb to the 1600-foot summit. I climbed it two days in  a row and planned on a third day but aborted on that as the second day had pretty much kicked my butt.

Sailors Run as seen from the top of Smith Volcano, a near vertical climb to the 1600-foot summit. I climbed it two days in a row and planned on a third day but aborted on that as the second day had pretty much kicked my butt.

A few of the 13- broken slides that failed on reefed main sail in 30- knots of breez

A few of the 13- broken slides that failed on reefed main sail in 30- knots of breeze.

Friends enjoying full moon party.
Friends enjoying full moon party.

Catch of the day.

Catch of the day.

Beating the heat at the full moon party.

Beating the heat at the full moon party.

You never know who might come floating out of the estuary on a falling tide, at a full moon party

You never know who might come floating out of the estuary on a falling tide, at a full moon party

a not so good day kicking back while at anchor in Hurricane "Odile". Winds gusting to 85-knots and ten foot seas,trying to ruin the serenity of my not so protected anchorage at Refugio.

A not so good day kicking back while at anchor in Hurricane  “Odile”.  Winds gusting to 85-knots and ten foot seas,trying to ruin the serenity of my not so protected anchorage at Refugio.

The chain hook comparison of before and after "Odile". Sailors Run and crew narrowly escaped disaster.

The chain hook comparison of before and after “Odile”.  Sailors Run and crew narrowly escaped disaster.

Man overboard pole was snapped off by powerful Odile gusts.

Man overboard pole was snapped off by powerful Odile gust’s.

Not sure what kind of wind does this to your courtesy flag, but it can't be good.

Not sure what kind of wind does this to your courtesy flag, but it can’t be good.

You never know what you might run across while jogging in the Baha Desert.

You never know what you might run across while jogging in the Baha Desert.

Our home anchored on Gonzaga Bay.

Our home anchored on Gonzaga Bay.

Friends Jacky and Russ from Gonzaga Bay

Friend’s Jacky and Russ from Gonzaga Bay

Amigos from Gonzaga Bay, notice Ron is the proud new owner of my "Cape Horn" book.

Amigo’s from Gonzaga Bay, notice Ron is the proud new owner of my “Cape Horn” book.

The skipper tying to kick his butt into shape for the up coming nonstop solo circumnavigation attempt.

The skipper tying to kick his butt into shape for the up coming nonstop solo circumnavigation attempt.

Debbie enjoying the warmth in the Sea of Cortez.

Debbie enjoying the warmth in the Sea of Cortez.

There's no laundry mat here at Gonzaga Bay.

There’s  no laundry mat here at Gonzaga Bay.

Musically talented cruising amigos aboard Sailors Run at Don Juan Anchorage.

Musically  talented cruising amigos aboard Sailors Run at Don Juan Anchorage.

I'm not the only one after the fish in the Bay of LA.

I’m not the only one after the fish in the Bay of LA.

Sea of Cortez Final Adventure for 2014

I must admit after cruising 2200NM this summer in the Sea of Cortez, I might just be suffering a little post hurricane “Odile” shock syndrome. We have had two more hurricanes since then, and one of them found me at anchor in Willard Bay, a true hurricane hole, and fortunate for me and the old Sailors Run the hurricane had been reduced to a tropical low by the time it zeroed in on us, we never experienced any winds over 30-knots.

Lucky for me the summer was now winding down, and  time to head to San Felipe 75-miles to the north in preparation to go and meet Debbie up in San Diego, California. We had decided to do a book signing at Down Wind Marine and then were invited to do one at West Marine the very next day so our 4-days there was very full chasing boat parts and hanging out with friends like Dan off of Echoes of Summer, John & Lynette off White Hawk and Dave and Rosey off of Valkeri. As you might imagine we left San Diego blurry eyed and loaded down with boat parts. Crossing foreign boarders with thousands of dollars in boat parts is always a concern, even though it is totally legal to maintain your vessel ,things can and do go wrong. Our crossing at Mexicali was a pleasant experience and the authorities were very helpful even helping us carry two of our six suit-cases we were bringing in. The Grey hound bus ride from San Diego, was a pleasant two and a half hour trip and once across the border we got on the ABC bus to San Felipe another couple of hours and once again we had “Team Sailors Run” back aboard the Sailors Run.

Our trip south included stops in Gonzaga Bay where we had just missed our friends Jim & Darda that have a place there, as they were up in San Felipe looking for us there on there way back to California. “Whoops”.

While at Gonzaga we did some running & visited with two other couples that also have homes there.

Our anchorage at Gonzaga had started to go bad when a strong Westerly started developing overnight and we blasted out of the bay, just as the sun was coming up, with lots of sail up, and had a great sail over to Refugio about 45-miles away. Once we had arrived the winds subsided and we had a peaceful evening in a beautiful anchorage, but at 2-am the winds cranked up out of the west once again and soon we were bouncing around at anchor, and every since Odile, I just can’t stand waiting for it to get worse so we pulled the anchor up and threaded our way out of there against the building SW-wind and seas. Debbie was a little shocked that I had rousted her from a sound sleep to stumble into the cockpit grabbing the wheel to try and steer out of the anchorage on a moonless night. For me having Debbie at the helm was a real relief, after 5-months of having to deal with these situations alone. Since the near miss with Odile I just don’t want to ever become trapped again in an exposed anchorage, I prefer to take my chances in heavy weather out on the open sea.

The winds that we experienced on our way to Bahia de Los Angeles, were Kiribatic, streaming down from the mountains that made up our western shore. The heavy cool air plummets down the faces of the mountains and comes out upon the sea, fresh and strong, and we were seeing thirty plus knots and I was very happy to be clear of the anchorage and charging along under reduced sail.

The fishing in the sea has been off every since the hurricane, we did manage to hook up a few jack tuna but neither Debbie or I can get past the smell of cooking them, so they go back, when we catch one. I should also mention that the pressure on the fishing in the sea by the commercial fisherman has increased dramatically and the fish are rapidly being depleted. Our window of time to observe this has been over the past fifteen plus years and we find it a bit sad to see, yet the Sea of Cortez will always be a great cruising grounds, just because of the outrages stark beauty of the area, and numerous fabulous anchorages to be found almost everywhere.

Debbie and I awaited the arrival of a northerly wind to take us to the south. We hung out in Don Juan with friends on “Wet Bar” and “Mana Kai”.

Ridding a northerly is great sailing under relatively rough conditions as the current in the sea can cause steep seas that are close together. Some northers you would not want to venture out in, as they may be blowing 50 knots, but this one was predicted to be in the 30 knot range so just right for us, although I must admit it kept most cruisers in their protected anchorages, preferring to motor rather than hang it out there a little bit. Now having said all of this I must also admit we did blow out 13 slides on the reefed mainsail, yet were able to chalk up back to back twenty four hour runs of 174 NM and 161NM, the second dropped off a bit as the main was down for new slides to be sewn on, which I did while sailing, as the winds were becoming lighter & we knew we were going to need the main for the next trip.

Isla San Francisco was our goal and we stopped there in dying winds as Hurricane Vance was getting closer to us, but was also dying out after reaching hurricane-2 status.

Debbie and I spent but one day in Isla San Francisco before pushing off for Mazatlan as yet another tropical storm was brewing and we wanted to get in ahead of the approach of this one. Our trip across the southern crossing was pretty non eventful other than the breaching of a huge whale just off our stern that took our breath away as we were relaxing in the cockpit at the time. The whale was huge about forty feet and came clear out of the water before crashing back into the sea.

Our arrival at Mazatlan was late and the entrance to Marina Mazatlan is tricky especially with pretty good seas running and in the dark as we had the wind and seas on the beam as we approached the shallow bar. We have been here many times and know the drill but you would not want to try this never having been here before.

Our first go at the entrance was not without complications as a huge power boat decided to come out while we were on final approach and blinded us with their millions of candle power lights, from high up on the bridge; forcing us to abort our approach and let them power on out. On the final approach went well, and soon we had wound our way through the channel up inside to Marina Mazatlan, where there were security people directing us into a nice secure end tie for the night .”Yahoo”.

Currently Debbie and I are in training for the Mazatlan Marathon on Nov 29th  she will run a 5-k and me  a 10-k as were hoping to run a better time than last yr.

We both feel were in great shape & much lighter.

Your Amigos, Jeff & Debbie hanging out at Mazatlan Marina for a month or more


For anyone who has had the opportunity to read my Cape Horn book & enjoyed it, it would be much appreciated if you would go to & write a review on the book-“ Thanks”.



I will be posting Pictures on our blog -WWW.SAILORSRUN.COM. I wanted to also explain the countdown clock that you might see when visiting the blog site. It is counting down to the start of my attempted solo circumnavigation of the world nonstop unassisted. You will be riding along with me on this one, as I will be sending out reports every three days. Telling you what the hell is happening to me now. “I can hardly wait”.

Also please don’t hit reply when responding to this adventure as it sends the adventure back by a slow radio link. “Thanks”.

Your Amigos Jeff & Debbie



        You can sail mainland Mexico with very little regards to the weather during the winter season as basically there is no weather that will harm you, but a summer in the sea will do a great deal for sharpening your skills at interoperating the weather  that so controls your life up here.      

       We are just now ready to receive our 15th named storm of the summer season. Is that a lot ?   “Hell Yes”  and we have nearly two more months to go and they are typically the worst months in the Sea of Cortez for Hurricanes.                    

      Now that doesn’t mean we are not having fun up here as I have caught  4-dorado and 5-tuna plus on 50 lb Trevally, and no doubt could have caught many more but how much fish can one person eat?  

        We have had two full moon parties that were just great fun with lots of cruisers, some old friends and a whole bunch of new ones.

      One morning bright and early I was heading out of the Bahia Los Angeles  area, headed for Smith Island to climb the nearly 1600 ft. high volcano.  As you round the spit to turn north there is a large rock reef that must be left to port and it extends up to a mile off the sand spit.  It was early and my visibility down into the water was not good, my intent was to sail well clear of the reef.

Now when you are solo sailing and getting underway, there are many things that must be addressed, and you best believe I was doing just about everything I could do and be sailing the boat at the same time. At one point while glancing ahead on the Portside I thought I seen the light green of the reef and I was in 60 feet of water and my track out looked good. It was when the wind backed a few degrees, that I fell off towards the reef a couple of degrees.

I had just set the fishing pole out and turned looking forward on the port side and hell it looked like sand in the water, suddenly! I realized I was sailing onto the reef  and as I reached for the autopilot control knob to turn away we grounded  “Wholly Shit”,  I’m not only aground but it is a lee shore and the breeze I was sailing with is now trying to drive me and the Sailors Run higher and dryer upon the reef.   My heart starts pounding in my chest and goes to about 200 beats a minute; I release all the lines on the sails to help reduce the effects of the wind pushing me higher on the reef.  I fire the engine and slam it into reverse, applying full power, and I watch and pray that there will be some movement astern. I look astern and suddenly realize I have made a huge mistake, as my dinghy that I normally carry on deck when sailing was being towed astern and at present was trying to go under the stern of Sailors Run, and it isn’t because we are backing up.

No the “Fxxkxxg tow line is wrapping around the prop at about 1,000 revolutions a minute, well  that was until it killed the engine. Wholly Crap!! now luckily my fins, mask and snorkel just happen to be in the cockpit, so I recklessly pull them on and over the side I go. In a couple of minutes I unwind the line from the shaft. The line is cut in half in one place and the rest of it looks like it went through a wood chipper. I manage to tie the scraps of line back together and then tie the dinghy alongside the boat where it is no longer a problem.  Jumping back on deck I fire up the diesel and apply full power in reverse. When I was under the water I could see that I was sitting on a flat ledge of rock and deep water was only 5-feet to starboard and freedom for Sailors Run. The motor will not free the boat so I grab a 100 feet of line and run to the bow attaching it to the Sampson Post and lead it out off the starboard side. I run back and jump in the dinghy and power it up, grabbing the new bow line and making a bridle out of it so I can get an even pole on the back of the dinghy. It is now when I truly come to the full appreciation of the power of an 18-hp 2-cycle Tohatsu outboard revving at 6,000 R.P.M.    Suddenly the old Sailors Run swings around on her keel and is dragged clear from the grasp of the leeward reef.  “Yes mixed gas kicks ass”

      Once I had arrived at the volcano anchorage I inspected the bottom and  could not even tell where we had grounded. I was thankful that we dodged yet another bullet,  as we had been moving slowly in light wind and miraculously once grounded the wind seemed to abate and the seas glassed off just long enough for me to free Sailors Run.
      It has been extremely hot this year in the sea with both air and water temperatures above 90-degrees many days and some over 100-degrees.  

       We currently have a new low developing to the south that will most likely become a hurricane within the next 48hrs. and some of the projections show it coming right up the sea. So I will be sailing further to the north and looking for a hole to hide in, Possibly Willard.

        Debbie is doing great back in Albuquerque with her family and grandchildren.  She has also been showing our Cape Horn Book at Hastings book stores and we plan on meeting up at Down Wind Marine in San Diego, where we will be doing a book signing on Saturday the 18th of October, where she will be returning with me to the Sea of Cortez.    “Yahoo”.

That’s all for now I got to go hide! ”      Your Amigos, Jeff & Debbie  on S/V Sailors Run

Sailors Run’s Sea of Cortez part-2 July 26 2014

Sailors Run Sea of Cortez Part-2 July 26 2014

When we visited last I was trying to find out if I actually owned 20,000 shares in the Rosalia mine, well !guess what I do. The really good news about this is the shares have already increased 20% in value so we will see how long it takes me to go broke on this venture.

Debbie is back in the New Mexico having fun with grand kids and family. She actually seems to be doing just great as I’m a little taken aback that she hasn’t wanted to give that all up and get back here sailing.  Oh well, there are still three long months ahead so I’ll just sort of hold my breath.HA-HA.

Now I had sailed back to the South to attend a big cruisers Fourth of July party at El Burro Cove, sponsored by the local weather guru Gary from the Sonrisa-Ham net. The party was amazing as always, with thirty boats in attendance and over 100 people,it definitely had all the chemistry for a great party.
Alex our Pyrotechnics guy was in his element,I mean right at the start of things early on in the day, Gary had fired up his ether-powered potato gun lobbing rather large potato parts far out into the fleet of boats, I don’t know just how deadly that thing is at close range but I know one round whizzed right by Alex’s head and somehow I feel he might have some idea. Alex not to be out done grabbed up his flare pistol and shot a flare right down the beach, it was then that I found myself praying the range might be less than what it appeared because that flare was heading for a straw house on the beach. Now, I’m sure Alex had done all the calculations because the flare dropped just outside the front door into the sea.
Alex however had just began, and had much more in store for us party goers, as within the hour he fired yet another flare this one out away from the houses and towards the highway. It seemed safe as there is seldom any traffic and as it turned out the flare fell short of the highway into some dry brush. Yep!you guessed it-we now had a fire going on! Alex charged at the fire with a piece of wood somebody commented that hey!now he’s going to add wood to the fire, which was doing quite well on its own.
Well, Gary is no dummy as he just happened to have several Bombadarios [fireman] standing by with a truck and tank of water with hoses and pumps. I’m pretty sure Alex just wanted to make sure they were alert and ready for the big show, Alex had all set up for the evening. It only took about twenty minutes to get the blaze under control and I seen the color blossom back into Gary’s face, and yes, the fire was now out much to Alexi’s satisfaction. It was now definitely time to trade that flare gun of Alexis in for an ice cold Pacifico beer.
The party was fun and I met lots of interesting cruisers. The evening fireworks went off without a hitch, and Gary must have cooked 500 hot dogs as he had the stove going all day and half the night. The cruisers made it a real pot luck and there was plenty for all to eat.

The next day I sailed out of there early as that bay is very hot with 100 degree water and 100 degree air on more days than I can stand.

It was on my sail across the North end of San Marcos Island that I had possibly my most amazing nature experience.
The first thing I seen was a huge sword fish about 8-10 ft long come flying up out of the sea then crashing back in with a tremendous splash.
The next thing I know my boat is surrounded by a pod of about 60 dolphins that are slapping the water with their tails, all the time circling my boat fishing I believe. They stayed around me for a good thirty minutes, and then I suddenly notice three pilot whales off my port bow and they swim contently across my bow and then for the remainder of this miracle of 10 miles I’m treated to manta rays flying right out of the water, some times 10 feet into the air and it’s not just one or two you can see three or four of them in the air at once,it’s times like this that you just almost have to pinch yourself to see if this is real or a dream.

DCF 1.0DCF 1.0

Debbie and I spent several years in the Atlantic and Caribbean and never seen anything even close to what was going on here, on this particular day in the Sea Of Cortez.

The Sea of Cortez has some of the most amazing sunsets and it has a lot to do with all the amazing cloud formations that can occur on any given day and they are sometimes statically charged creating lightning and Chubasco wind storms.  [A storm that comes on rapidly and may be packing 60 knots of wind but normally subsides after less than an hour].                                                                   The pictures say it all

DCF 1.0DCF 1.0
I have been making more baggy wrinkle’s to hang in the rigging for chafe protection for my sails. These things only cost about one dollar in material to make but each one takes about three hours to complete. I now have twenty two of them in our rig and I think that is going to get the job done for the big upcoming adventure.
You don’t see these on very many sailboats but not many sailors’ sail for months on end with their sails plastered up against their rigging either. Chafe is the sailor’s silent enemy at sea.


DCF 1.0

Start of making baggy wrinkles using the samson post on the bow of sailor’s Run

DCF 1.0

Start of more creation of one Baggy Wrinkle

DCF 1.0

Coming along & is starting to look like a nice Baggy wrinkle

DCF 1.0

Where else to do my project,but in Paradise

DCF 1.0

Sailors Run’s rigging with it’s 6 new baggy wrinkles put in place


DCF 1.0

This is the rigging I made & use for going up the mast that is in the one slide,to install the baggy wrinkles


On another interesting note here is a picture with a million year old petrified clam sitting on the top of the cactus.

DCF 1.0
Well Debbie and I wish you all the best where ever you are and hope to share more anchorages or special places with you all in the not too distant future..
Your Amigos,  Jeff& Debbie

Sailors Run Checking in from the Sea of Cortez 6-28-14

           My departure from Mazatlan Marina was a true “cluster F!!K”.  Now you know I changed those steering cables and you would think that was a good thing right, Hmmmm!  Well !at day break solo sailor Jeff dropped the mighty Sailors run into reverse and backed clear of the slip. It was soon evident that something was strangely different, as it seemed the current was pulling the stern to starboard while the wind was blowing the bow to port, that could have explained it all except there was no wind and there was no current, of course when you go astern in a nearly full keel boat you never totally know what to expect, and this time was truly one of those times.
     Once clear of the slip I dropped the transmission into forward and was amazed at the results!  The “Darn thing” was steering in the opposite direction 100% of the time. Damn, I think I got a problem!!  

Now I could just get this thing back in the slip, but if you know me, by now were going  to carry on, and sail across the sea of Cortez as after all my auto pilot doesn’t care what way the wheel spins when it makes course corrections so off we went and I just pretended that the wheel was a tiller, that always goes the opposite way you turn it.

      The sail across the sea was great there was plenty of wind and  covered the 250 miles to Isla San Francisco in just under 42 hrs. The approach to the island was after dark and a sudden Coramel Wind came up out of the south. I was tired and wanted to get in, but it was blowing now 35 kts. The main was down and just had about ½ the Genoa and a reefed mizzen up, and  was hauling butt on a beam reach. It was pretty much what I didn’t want to do as coming into an anchorage  with this much wind in the dark single handed is not such a good idea. So I weighed the options and decided if this wind doesn’t subside, I will sail North to God knows where and seek a safe anchorage. Well, as fate would have it the winds subsided to about twenty knots and I decided to take Sailors Run in and find a safe anchorage. There were 5 other boats in the anchorage and I nestled in amongst them and dropped the hook. The winds continued to die and both Sailors Run and I rested and rolled off into a deep sleep in a part of paradise that is one of Debbie and I’s favorite spots.

    The next day was quiet and I pulled those steering cables out and got them straightened out, they had gotten crossed right in the pedestal  unbeknownst  to me and it was a easy fix.
    I hiked the islands with many peaks in search of getting in shape, although when alone you must be very careful as the rocks on these islands are very shaly and tend to crumble under the weight of just one person, so I was cautious.
    I decided to rebuild my Pur-160 Water maker, just one of the things that needs to be done before I set off on my solo attempt to sail nonstop around the world. The water maker we purchased back in 2001 ,and it has worked flawlessly for 13 years. I do rebuild the pump about every three years.  The kit to do this is $150 and the only other thing that we have done was replace the membrane after 11 years of use as the salt content had began to creep up.

   The sea of Cortez is a beautiful magical place. At times I’m deeply saddened that Debbie is not along to share our favorite haunts, but I must understand she is where she needs to be as am I.
   I anchored in Agua Verde , a fabulous place for me and Jose my friend that has lived there for some thirty years in this quiet spot, and it was fun to see him once again as he is now 78 years old, and I would run daily through out  the desert canyons with his dog Lola, who was good eyes and ears for me, together we chased rabbits and cattle all over the place.

    I sailed to Rosalia to take care of some business, as I needed an internet connection, not to mention it is a great place. I was tired of paying someone to manage my IRA when it cost money and they didn’t seem to listen to what my concerns were. So lucky for me Casey & Annie were there off a boat called V’ger and Casey knows all about electronic stock trading and he got me totally invested.

     As a matter of fact I might now own, [not too sure] 20,000 shares in the copper mine in Santa Rosalia. I don’t know because that buy was pending when I left and I have no internet.

        From Rosalia I sailed the 40-miles back down to Bahia Conception where it is 95* and the water is 85*, just perfect for diving in and cooling down.

        Now the laundry has been piling up so I had laundry day. In the desert when you start splashing water around you draw a crowd and the crowd is composed of Bees and lots of them!!  Of course I was ready, as I had my raid and spray bottle full of Vinegar. I try not to use the raid unless they get right in my face. Hand washing and defending your self is pretty damn exciting, and the trick is getting the first load hung on the line without taking a hit. Once the clothes are up they are swarmed by the bees and you can safely do the second load. Now the really cool thing is you can duck below to the safety of your main salon and work on inside projects, now don’t get alarmed as the swarm intensifies as not only is the wind drying your cloths and the hot sun, but you have hundreds of thirsty bees sucking the water right out of your laundry, and that stuff that takes forever to dry they gang up on it as the other stuff is finishing up and when the Bees leave “Wallah” you have super dry possibly, pollen laced underwear for the upcoming weeks ahead.

  Having fun in the desert sea    Your amigo Jeff, and missing Debbie all the time.DCF 1.0 DCF 1.0 DCF 1.0

Hurricane watch on Sailor’s Run 6/5/2014

DCF 1.0 DCF 1.0It’s that time of year again and this Hurricane season seems to be starting fast.  So far nothing has raised havoc here in Marina Mazatlan. There was a Hurricane to the south that was coming up the coast but has gone ashore south of Acapulco, just prior to me flying in to Mazatlan.

I’m busy getting the rebuilt boom back on the mast and the main sail hanked on so that I can began my push up into the sea, where a Hurricane Hole can be found before one develops and finds me. I also replaced the chain plates for the split back stay as they were showing signs of crevice corrosion, “Hell I think I’m showing some of the same signs”.

I just did a first ever,I payed someone Forty dollars to scrape the bottom of the boat as the water here is not so clean so opted out of that foul job for once. Debbie’s and my trip home was wonderful. Debbie has accomplished a great deal over the past month,She first found a nice condo to rent in Albuquerque, New Mexico then flew to Washington to help her daughter Heather downsize her belongings and they together made the move by car back to New Mexico. All and all it is a good thing as now both Heather and Debbie are surrounded by family in a great place.       I had a wonderful time with my family and friends. I’m still not quite sure where this leaves me, but the one thing I do know I’m doing what I truly love and that is living the cruising life style. I do understand that we all have seven needs and they must be met, for us to be happy. It seems we are both happy so all is well with us. Debbie plans to rejoin me in early November in San Diego, CA. where we will bus back to the boat that will be waiting in Rosalia, in the Sea of Cortez.

It will be then that we will start our passage south to Ecuador with many stops along the way, for the upcoming solo circumnavigation around the world.

I want to take a moment to thank all of you that have purchased the book “Cape Horn: Ahead or Behind Forever on My Mind.” And I’m so happy that you are enjoying the read and have offered up such wonderful reviews about the book. If you have read the book an enjoyed it, I would greatly appreciate it if you could take a couple of minutes and submit your review at where you made your purchase.

Writing the book took several years and much effort on the part of many people, and it seemed to me that I was never going to get my hands on a physical copy, but now that I have, I’m truly happy with what our efforts have produced. It not only looks great but even I couldn’t put it down after I started to read through it, “I just couldn’t put it down.”

If you have not ordered a copy yet and are interested in the book just go to and you will end up at our new blog site where you can get a copy of the book just by pushing the little button under the book cover. We love hearing from all of you and please remember not to hit the reply button as it sends the adventure back to me via a slow radio connection.

Thank You. Your amigos, Jeff & Debbie

Sailors Run’s 5-Star Day 5/17/2014

Every once in awhile it just happens you have a great day and May-17th was just such a day. Now that’s not to say that the days leading up to the 17th were nearly so shiny.

I had been in San Francisco with my son Daniel for the past ten days trying to finalize the book, ”Cape Horn: Ahead or Behind Forever on My Mind.” Dan had figured 4-hard days more of work and the book would be finalized. “Wrong”, the 4-days had soon turned into ten and one of them involved me being on the computer for 18+hrs. We had trouble with my computer and decided to buy a new one. Buying the new computer was a total waste of time as the new windows -8 program would not stay connected to the internet as the program wanted a new 150-dollar router. Dan & I made three trips to the store exchanging computers thinking we would get this issue resolved and never did.

Dan somehow supped up the old computer so it would operate at about 5 times the speed it had been operating at. Once operational we spent those ten-days either in his office on his 65-foot sailboat or at several different libraries to get the book wrapped up.

The 5-star day happened when we drove from San Francisco to Gig Harbor, Washington where he has a home. The first thing that happened was we got free coffee at Star Bucks because we had to wait for them to make new coffee. When we turned on our computers, after arriving in Gig Harbor, suddenly we realized all our effort had paid off as the Book was now available on and also the Kindle Version was out.

Now after over two- years of putting together, writing and rewriting, editing and reediting by Debbie, Candace our first editor, myself and Daniel its available for all of you to get your hands on.

Cover   I’m sure you are all going to love this epic adventure and here is the best way to get it. Use one of the following link:

Paperback book

Kindle Version

Some other great news, we are up and live in the blogosphere and will be frequently adding post and pictures (not previously an option with my adventure update platform) to our new site. You can find us and follow us much more closely now by visiting us at:

Please remember not only are you going to have an exciting fun read with photos; you will also be helping fund the next epic adventure “Around the world nonstop, solo, sailing south of the five great capes”.

Also it would be a great help to me if you could please take the time to rate the book at expressing what you enjoyed most about the book and rating it 1-5 stars.

Making this book a reality has been a long journey and I can’t express my gratitude enough for all you guys have done to support me along the way. From the little well wishes of good luck, to the hang in theirs, to the big butt saving favors it really means a lot and doesn’t go unnoticed or unappreciated. So from the bottom of our hearts, Thank You!

Your Amigos Jeff & Debbie

Old Technology Prevails Over New Technology 5-9-2014

New tech photoI have to admit that I’m a late bloomer to the computer age, but putting that aside I decided to take a quantum leap into the future.  So I decide my windows 98 program has to go and lets have that windows #8.

I slipped down to the local Best Buy snapping up the obvious Best Buy a HP computer running windows-8 at the alarmingly low price of  329$.I was now feeling smug and proud of this great cruiser friendly price and my quantum leap ahead into the new technology. My son Dan and I headed back to his 65 ft yacht on San Francisco Bay to forge ahead on the new blog site.

Oh yes I was concerned about using the new #8 program but with my sons help was sure it would all be “Golden”. Wrong; it seems windows 8 would not stay connected to the internet on his older router. Our first thought was that we had gotten a lemon by mistake and thoughts of an Apple were dancing through my head.

Once back at Best Buy we were comforted by the fine service and we came away with computer #2 feeling that at last we could forge ahead. “Wrong” as this one was no different; refusing to stay hooked up once again. On this one we even read the instructions and called on tech-support for both the router and the new computer. The end result was we needed to upgrade the router for about 150$ which wasn’t in the budget so back we went to Best Buy To get a full refund on computer # 2 which they were very accommodating about.

Once back on the yacht my son Dan opened up my old Toshiba computer and made some adjustments that got it flying along on the internet as good as if not better than the new computer and its unfriendly to routers #8 program, and I came away feeling like I had just made 425 dollars.

Your Amigos Jeff& Debbie

Sailors Run on the hook in Santiago Bay, Manzanillo 2-1-2014  

This is just a quick update on the three hundred plus boats that were being held in several of the Marinas by the Mexican-IRS. It seems that now many of the boats have been released as they had committed no foul and are now free to move about Mexico. There are still 100 boats being held at this time

Debbie and I spent over a month in Barra de Navidad and enjoyed the time there very much, watching The Super bowl, especially since our SeaHawks from Washington State won it. It was an exciting time sharing it with many local friends we have met, especially at the restaurant-Abuela’s where Deb got involved with a Kindergarten fundraiser to help build a new wall, as the old one fell down & the kids cannot go out & play. The school had the children dance Mexican style & the teachers made a menu of many wonderful dishes. We also established a one hour work out program on the roads that run through the 27-hole world class golf course. We jogged and walked the 5- mile course daily and both made good headway on kicking our “butts” back into shape.[not an easy thing to do at our age].

Ice Cream Amyone!While here in Santiago on the hook we are enjoying the beautiful beaches, sitting under the umbrellas at the Palapas, now having met a great couple from Colorado, who own a restaurant in La Junta, called Hogsbreath Saloon.

One day while at one of the beach bars, Deb  had 2 margaritas, they said their drinks were to die for!! Well, seems one of the drinks was drugged as Deb started acting drunk with slurred speech after only 1 drink, we had to eventually carry her back to the dinghy thru the surf and back out to the boat, which she doesn’t even remember. She later came to and became deathly sick as well, the next day we went to talk to the owner to let them know what had happened. The owner said he was gone that day and was truly sorry that it happened but had no idea who might have done it or why. I suggested possibly someone was trying out his date rape medicine to see how effective it was????


NOW, I have also come up with my next great adventure that I will share with you now. I believe I have used sober judgment in deciding to do this; however there are not too many of those days available to me anymore. HA-HA!!.

Large waves brushing across our stern.It is with sound mind and great prudence that I have decided to take on a SOLO CIRCUMNAVIGATION OF THE WORLD-NON-STOP- West to East taking all 5-great capes to Port. This adventure will require some upgrades to Sailors Run and over a year to get the boat in position to do it. The Plan is to Circumnavigate from Bahia Caraquez, Ecuador West to East and returning there some 5-months later. The intended starting date is November -1-2015. This will give me time to ready the boat and ”live a little longer”.

Yes I’m getting a little older now nearly 68 but I feel “F’N Great”. So why not??? I have finished my first book “The Horn: Ahead or Behind, Forever on My Mind”. It should be published within the next 30-days, and I will let you know the source where it will be available at.

Debbie and our cruising life is undergoing changes, ”All Good I Think.  She has given me 15 great years of fun cruising together and there is no more I can ask of her. “But I Might “!!!

“Debbie’s nesting Instincts” are kicking in and her need to be around the grand kids and be a bigger part of their life is real. I must try to understand and I will.

The new plan is Debbie plans to spend 6-months with family and grand kids and 6-months with me. I plan to continue doing what I truly love “Sailing”.

The really tough part for us is we can comfortably afford to live our lives out together on the boat. Now it would appear that we must get creative and get Debbie a Condo Ashore and all that comes with it.

I plan to develop a blog site where all my friends can ride along with me on that solo circumnavigation which should really be exciting as you can live the adventure real time as it happens. I will also do something that I never before would have considered. I will make it a monetary site where anyone that might wish to contribute financially to the adventure and my life style will have the opportunity. Please understand that this is not necessary but if you have the desire it will be greatly appreciated and help enable the “Dream to stay alive”.

Debbie and I will fly home in early May to be with family and friends and hope to see some of you then.

Debbie will stay in the U.S and I will return to spend six months in the Sea of Cortez trying not to get too Roasted over the summer. As always I will keep you all posted as to what is going on with us.

Your Amigos Jeff & Debbie


12-1-2013 Christmas on Sailors RunDebbie and I want to wish all our family and friends the best through the Christmas season and we hope you all get lots of what you want.  As for us we are hanging on the hook in Chamela a magical place here in Mexico, as the song goes by Jimmy Buffett” A Sailors spends his Christmas in a Harbor on the hook :

Debbie and I returned to Mexico after seven years and wondered how the country and people might have changed. To sum it up in a few words “It’s All Good”.

After a fast sail across the Sea of Cortez we landed in Marina Mazatlan for a full month. The Marina itself has changed little and the prices are reasonable. The thing that has really changed is the number of restaurants in the immediate area of the Marina, they number-5 with a great variety of food and reasonable prices. We were totally blown away with “Christies the new sports bar where they have -20 TVs to watch the games on and a happy hour that lasts from 11am-6pm, where you can buy 12 oz mugs of Negro Modelo beer for just 6-pesos or about 60-cents US. It was a good thing the beer was cheap as they struggled to produce anything good to eat, with the exception of the supreme chicken nachos that were quite good. There is a first class mall with a 16-plex theater where the movies on Wednesday are just 2-dollars per person also within walking distance is a Wall Mart all of which makes Marina Mazatlan a great place to stop.

There has been a lot of concern about safety in Mazatlan, but as far as we could see it is really very safe and for anyone that wants to commit a crime Mazatlan is not the place, as there are police and military everywhere and they are heavily armed. We were in a bank and there were armed guards both inside and out and every military person that entered the bank to do business was “packing”, and guess what no one was concerned nor did anyone get shot. “Huh Imagine that”!!!

The cruise ships are once again returning to Mazatlan after avoiding the place for several years.

Debbie took line dancing lessons three times a week and we trained and ran a 5-k race that was ran as part of the Mazatlan Marathon, a world class event where one million dollars is paid to anyone that can break the Mazatlan record time. This year the Kenyans came one- two- three but could not beat the record.

We watched the best fireworks display we have ever seen on the Malecon (a walkway along the beach in the city) where they were set off from seven different locations all about 100-yrds apart. We were within 50-feet of one of the launch sites, “Scary” at times. They actually had fireworks that shot up then came down and entered the ocean then immediately shot back up into the night sky as we all looked on in disbelief, they even went as far as 3 miles high, lasting a good30 minutes. A must to see if in Mazatlan

We enjoyed the wonderful company of old friends as well as many new ones and the month flew by. Soon it was time to sail south to Puerto Vallarta where we stayed just over a week and once again had an amazing visit with many of our old friends in La Cruz. One very special day was our visit to Lupe’s magical place Los Arroyos Verdes. The hotel grounds are Botanical Gardens the likes of which we have never seen. The site is 25-acres of Gardens and art works that are world class. Lupe’s home defies description, you would have to be there to try and drink it all in. Lupe is a sailing friend from 1999 and she owned the Guadalajara water company and has invested heavily in this remarkable Shangri-La. The band played from an Island in the middle of a huge swimming pool. You can stay there for 1200-1500 dollars a month all utilities included or if you want buy one of her Condos for 250k. We just enjoyed one fabulous day trying to soak it all in.

The Christmas Tree decorating party at Casa Lori owned by Russell & Lori was a fun time meeting new friends as well as the seeing the ones we met 15yrs ago, Debbie again sang a beautiful Christmas song that had us all in tears.

Just a quick note; it appears that the Mexican government is cracking down on boats that do not have current temporary import permits. Not only must you have the permit but if you have your boat in a marina the Marina must have a copy on file. So far they have impounded 338 yachts. One of these yachts is Profligate belonging to the owners of Latitude 38. We are unsure how this will all turn out but it sounds like it may be 3-months before the government will release these boats after the owners have paid restitution.

We will spend about 5 days here in Chamela then sail further south to Barra De Navidad where we will spend a month on the hook.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year,your Amigos Jeff& Debbie