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Old Technology Prevails Over New Technology 5-9-2014

I have to admit that I’m a late bloomer to the computer age, but putting that aside I decided to take a quantum leap into the future.  So I decide my windows 98 program has to go and lets have that windows #8. I slipped down to the local Best Buy snapping up the obvious…

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Sailors Run on the hook in Santiago Bay, Manzanillo 2-1-2014  

This is just a quick update on the three hundred plus boats that were being held in several of the Marinas by the Mexican-IRS. It seems that now many of the boats have been released as they had committed no foul and are now free to move about Mexico. There are still 100 boats being…

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Debbie and I want to wish all our family and friends the best through the Christmas season and we hope you all get lots of what you want.  As for us we are hanging on the hook in Chamela a magical place here in Mexico, as the song goes by Jimmy Buffett” A Sailors spends…

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Sailors Run’s Americas Cup Experience. 9-1-2013

The new hard dodger was on and looking great and Debbie had returned from her visit with family, friends and grand kids. We had planned to sail south straight away but with moorage costs on the rise we decided to take up anchorage off Sausalito and enjoy The Americas Cup that was now happening right…

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Sailors Run’s Passage from Kauai to San Francisco 6-30-2013

The Stats: Day-1 24hr. Run= 171NM. Pos.=Lat. 24*49’N. Long.159*04’W.  A sunny day with wind from ENE at 25kts. Seas 10-12ft. from  the east. Course sailed 005*-045*T Day-2 24hr.Run=142NM. Pos.=Lat. 26*44’N.  Long. 157*43’W. Sunny day wind from east 10-15kts. Seas from east at 6ft. Course sailed 010*-050*T Day-3 24hr.Run=129NM. Pos.=Lat.28*40’N. Long.156*57’W. Sunny Day wind from ESE…

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Ecuador to Hawaii 10-12-2012.

Ecuador to Hawaii days  1-2-3- 2012   The Statistics: Day-1 October=12  Position lat.=00*15” S Long.=82*28 W.- 24 hour run=131 nautical miles. Wind=west south west 12-15kts skies sunny Temp-77* Seas -4-5ft.from WSW. Day-2  Oct.13 Position 00* 16”S Long.84* 53”W-2 4hr. run=151 NM. Wind SW 12-20kts. Skies cloudy with light mist at times. Temp-74 at night 77-day…

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