Around Alone Days-79-80-81.

Total distance sailed so far: 10,781 NM.
Distance sailed last three days: 430 NM.
Distance left to go to Cape Leeuwin,Australia: 3,292 NM.
Top speed so far=12.3 Knots


24hr Run 154 NM.
Position: Latitude 44*02’S. Longitude 27*19 E
Weather: Wind WNW 12-15 knots
Seas: 6-8 ft.
Cabin temp: 57*-63*
Bar:1008 mb

Today I actually had some rain with not to strong of winds, and was able to collect about 6-gallons in the second tank. That’s a start!

The more challenging thing right now is trying to stay hooked up to Sailmail.
Chile a great station is now over 3500 miles away and contact seems to be too weak. The next station is in Australia at least another 3500+ miles away and way weak at this time.

I assumed I would be able to use the Africa station, but come to find out they use a directional antenna and it is facing NE, not down into the Southern Ocean.

Debbie has been alerted that I have a radio problem and follows me on the Spot Locator, but that is all she has to go on. You can contact her at Also she will be posting to our blog site
This is a huge problem for me as I get most of my weather info from Sailmail, so will now be getting my weather from the barometer and looking out the “port hole”.

24hr.Run 138NM.
Position: Latitude 44*35’S. Longitude 30*25’E.
Weather: Wind SW 12-25kts.
Seas: 6-8ft.
Cabin Temp: 53*-57*.
Bar: 1000mb

The night before last the high pressure system was located on top of me causing shifting winds, and at one point I awoke after two hours to discover I was headed back to the cape of Good Hope, fortunately the winds were light and we were moving slow.

Here in the southern Indian Ocean I have seen some of the largest Albatross so far, some with wing spans that must be 7-8ft. and it never ceases to amaze me how well they can fly in the heavy winds.

I have been truly enjoying my kindle for making lots of books available and so user friendly.
I have been struggling with the time change, as the further East I go the earlier it gets light.
Now the sun is rising at 9-pm and sets at about 1pm. I find myself just taking two hour naps whenever I feel like I need it.
I run the Radar 24/7 and the AIS the same, and have seen no shipping since the vicinity of cape Horn, and the last thing I seen was the “Ice Berg” that I almost hit.

24hrRun 138 NM

It feels strange to have no communication, but I know that within a week or two I should be able to get back on.
I still have the spot locator and that lets some people know where I’m at, and I can let Debbie know I have lost radio communication through the spot.

Once I get a good Sailmail signal again, I will get all the adventures out so you can get caught up.

I’m looking for the big “Radio Skip” in the Southern Ocean. “Breaker Breaker” the Jefe’