Total miles sailed so far=8748 NM.
Miles sailed last 3-day=421 NM.
Miles left to go to Cape of Good Hope=1160 NM.
Top speed so far: 12.2kts

24hr Run=131NM.
Position:Latitude 49817’S. Longitude 16*42’W.
Weather: Wind=12-15kts SSW.
Seas: SSW 6-8ft
Cabin Temp=42*-48*.
Bar=1002 mb

We are sailing in lighter airs now so I let more of the Genoa out on the furler only to discover another small tear. I immediately role it back in and decide that now I must wait for a good opportunity to pull the sail off the furler once again for repairs.

I’m awakened to the sound of the main boom bouncing against its restraints, as the winds have died down. Its 1 am and already light outside,I climb out of my berth and heat up some left over coffee as the time has come to repair once again the Genoa.
I stagger about the cabin getting the necessary materials to gather to make the repair. I drink the coffee looking for that little burst of energy that comes from the caffeine and the thawing out of my fingers that are warmed by clinging to the hot cup in my hands.
Once up on deck I get the sail rolled all the way out, I go forward and release the halyard dropping the sail down as I struggle to tug it aboard keeping it out of the ocean.

Once the sail is on deck, I take black marking pen and circle the tear and inspect the sail for other tears, finding three more. I go below and cut out the 8-patches needed to make the 4-repairs. Once again I find myself tethered in, on the fore deck and I set about gluing the patches into place on both sides with silicone sealant. During this process I discover two more tears, so more patches, and more silicone.
A squall comes along and I’m pummeled by hail as I struggle to complete sewing the patches into place, normally a not so difficult job, but here in a hostile environment it becomes much more challenging
By 6am the sail now has 6 new patches, looking now more like a quilt, that I once seen my grandmother making, than a sail. I pull the sail back up in the aluminum track and fly it full out. it appears to me that I have little choice but to either fly it all the way out or roll it all the way up in anything over 15kts, and rely on the rest of the sails to move us along in the heavier air.

24hr Run=138nm
Position:Latitude 48*29’S, Longitude 13*56’W.
Weather: Wind 5-15kts WSW.
Seas: 6-8ft. SW.
Cabin Temp=42*-48*.
Bar: 1012mb

I was out in the cockpit scanning the horizon, when I saw a whale blow off the starboard beam. The whale was some distance off and I never did see it, but the geyser it put up was amazing.
The winds seem to be going lighter now and we are having frequent isolated squalls with snow and hail in them.

I guess I should mention that the Seattle Seahawks had a great game against the Arizona Cardinals, and I think at one point in the game I could even here Debbie cheering clear down here. I think the score was 36-6.

One thing I notice down here is wrapping your fingers around a hot cup of coffee means almost as much as drinking it, and I know I like my “Tequila bottle” full of hot water, more than any of the ones I have with Tequila in them.

24hr Run 161NM.
Position: Latitude 48*07’S Longitude 10*48’W.
Wind: 12-30 kts West
Seas:6-12 ft.
Cabin Temp: 42*-47*
Bar: 101mb

I watch in amazement at the birds, that continually soar around the boat, and I can’t help but think about how getting older and things like arthritis can have such an effect on human beings, and then imagine the effects on a bird that needs to be constantly flying to survive.

I’m not sure what all can go wrong on the Sailors Run on a voyage of this duration but I’m pretty sure we are in record territory as the “refrigeration” has just gone “tits up”.
The good thing there is no meat in the freezer and the whole boat is just about at refrigeration temperature near 42* most of the time anyhow.
That ice machine that I was regretting dragging along might come in handy, when I hit warmer temperatures.

There are some gale force winds coming my way and will be with us for several days so I’m checking the old Sailors Run over, getting her ready for the wild ride that is on its way.
These winds are predicted to be 35kts with higher gusts,the good thing is they will be West or NW winds and hopefully warmer than the southerly’s we have been having

“Battening down the hatches” the Jefe’