Spinnaker sailing as a ship crosses Sailors Run bow

Spinnaker sailing as a ship crosses Sailors Run bow


The ship got close as it turned towards us crossing port to port Notice the sailboat in front of the ship,the boat was actually on the other side of the ship


Total miles sailed so far=5997 NM
Total miles sailed last three days=303 NM.
Miles left to go to the Horn=247 NM.
Top speed so far 12.2kts.

Day-43 24hr.Run=136 NM.
Position-55*26’S Longitude-77*57’W.
Weather: Wind=10-15 kts.SW.
Waves: 6-8ft.
Cabin Temp: 43-46*

The day started out nice, so it was time to try fishing once again.

It had become obvious that the water-maker is having trouble starting and I suspected a bad electrical connection. It was time to water the wet cell batteries anyhow, as I do that every two months. I emptied all the “stuff” out of the outside compartment to gain access to the water-maker, and of course had to empty out the quarter berth to gain access to the batteries.

Now it is simple to run two new wires from the water maker directly two the batteries. I touched the new wires directly on to the batteries full well expecting to hear the water-maker come to life,” WRONG”, the large electric motor will not go. It’s amazing how these things unfold as today is a great sailing day but I must reduce sail so I can pull the water-maker out, and tear into the electrical motor.

I lay out rags all over the galley floor and there beside me, the water-maker, and my tools all sliding around together I tear into it. This electric motor is a wet one meaning heavy oil inside of it,” A MESS”!!

The armature shows lots of wear from the past 14-years of making water, so I clean it up the best I can with a scotch pad, and the brushes still appear ok.
Seven hours later the water-maker is reinstalled and now it’s time for the smoke Yes you guessed it,the FxxKxxG thing does not work

So now I’m inquiring about “dry Martini “recipes and a way to cook rice without water. Possibly it is time to add 15% salt water to my remaining 80 gallons of fresh water to extend its “life”.

I just can’t help but wonder just how much fresh water I might be able to salvage out of those two big squash’s I have if I just beat the “shit” out of them with a baseball bat!!!

OK-OK I will catch water on deck, and Yes luckily I do have a Hand Operated Water-Maker in my ditch bag, but it is very small and very labor intensive.

Day-44 24hr. run= 96NM.
Position- Latitude-56*17’S Longitude-75*57’W.
Weather: Wind7-15 kts. SSW.
Waves: 4-6ft.SW.
Cabin Temp.43-50*

Wind has gone light 7-12kts. But there are still occasional squalls, so spinnaker remains below, “for now”!
It is frustrating being so close to the Horn and now just “creeping along”.
Debbie is doing great in Albuquerque, decorating the house inside an out with Christmas lights and many other decorations. Debbie says they actually got a blanket of snow the other night, so that’s pretty cool and she is all excited about cheering her Seattle SeaHawks on.

Day-45 24Hr. Run=71 NM.
Position=Latitude 56*17′. Longitude 7*33’W
Weather: Wind 0-12kts.W.
Cabin Temp.=44*-51*
Bar=996 mb

This am the Spinnaker went up as the weather here looks very benign and was the first day I nearly spent all day out in the cockpit. I Sailed for 10 hrs under spinnaker then at 6pm the wind just died and the ocean glassed off.

It was 2:30AM before the wind came back and now it is pretty much on the nose, so currently pounding to weather trying to get to the “Horn”.

Singing “How Dry I am” How Dry I am” ‘Nobody knows How Dry I Am”

Your Amigo the Jefe’

Jeff & I enjoying the evening in our cockpit

Jeff & I enjoying the evening in our cockpit

Bet Jeff right now would like to be enjoying the wonderful beaches again?

Bet Jeff right now would like to be enjoying the wonderful warm weather on the beach again?