Around Alone Update:

Total miles sailed so far=4817 NM.
Miles sailed last 3-days=454NM.
Distance left to go to Horn=1327 NM
Top Speed so far=10.9kts a new high


Day 34- 24hr.Run=151 NM.
Position: Latitude-45*21S. Longitude-106*28’W
Weather:Wind-15-35 kts.North West
Waves-10-15 feet
Cabin Temp=57*-60*.

I awoke this morning to the sound of water rushing alongside the hull, the boat was gyrating a lot as it was skipping up and over the waves that had grown overnight. A quick glance at the Barometer showed a substantial drop in pressure.
It appears that the low that passed over us two days ago was coming back for a second go at us, but this time it should be with a more favorable wind direction, helping drive us to the Horn. “Hang On”.

It seems very cool this AM as I put the coffee on a much needed “warm up”. What the “hell” the damn thing won’t light. I go out into the all to brisk 25-kts and hoist the tank “Huh” it has gas in it. Back down below I pull the fuse on the solenoid switch and it appears fine. Oh well its early perhaps I should try lighting it again, and I try to no avail, except I do smell gas, so shut of solenoid valve at the tank.

I rock the stove forward on its gimbals and inspect the gas line coming into the stove; oh!! my God the copper line that connects to the flexible hose has broken off. So when I turned on the gas it was flowing into the galley not into the burner on the stove. So I was just trying to light the wrong thing as if I would have lowered the lighter I surely would have been able to get things warmed up, now if that isn’t a near “Blast” I don’t know what is.
Bottom line after going out two times and reefing the main, finally taking it all the way down I get the stove fixed by using my Makita cutting blade, cutting off the copper pipe and slipping a piece of rubber gas line that I had onto the copper pipes and using sealant and hose clamps I now have a stove once more. A jury rig for sure but safe enough to get us home on.

I finally get coffee at 11am and breakfast by noon, plus I have a day’s work in.

Day 35-24Hr Run-149 NM
Position=Latitude-46*10’S. Longitude-103*28’W
Waves-8-13 feet South West
Cabin Temp=51*60*. Mostly sunny with one particularly nasty squall at 3am 35-40kts.
Bar=989 mb

Today the waves have come down a little and the ride has improved. The barometer has also fallen more.

It is interesting as I plot our course and progress on my old paper chart I see that we are on the same track for the run into the Horn, as the Vendee Globe Boats were in their solo around the world race back in 2008-09. We are right behind where Foncia was on 1/1/09, and just ahead of the boat Roxy’s position.

Last night I threw the heavy llama hair blanket; on my berth as it feels like it is freezing at night, of course not really, it just feels that way.

Debbie bought that blanket in Peru, and it is a life saver, especially when you throw that 1.75 liter of tequila bottle in there with you, to get things all warmed up.

Day 36-24hr Run-154 NM.
Position-Latitude-48*00’S Longitude-100*48’W.
Weather: 18-30 kts South West

Today finds us pretty much on course for the run into the “Horn” with over 1400 NM to go as it will be a long wild “Roller Coaster” ride.

I hope because I’m nearly a month ahead of the time when I rounded the Horn last time, I can make it before the first big summer storm. Down here they have the worst storms in the summer and I need to try and steer clear of those no matter what ocean I’m in.

The approach to the Horn from off shore is a big long commitment with 8-10 days being spent below 46*S, and each day the air and water temperature drops, then add 90% humidity and a chill factory created by 300-gales a year at the Horn, you got to figure out some way to keep from freezing that big set of “Balls” off that it takes to come this way in the first place

I have two beer koozies and sewing them together, maybe this will work.
Your Amigo,El jefe

Map of South America where Jeff is getting close to Cape Horn and it shows the wind direction,

Map of South America where Jeff is getting close to Cape Horn and it shows the wind direction,


One of the times we Sailed into Oahu,Hawaii

One of the times we Sailed into Oahu,Hawaii

At  La Boquita,near Manzanillo,Mexico

At La Boquita,near Manzanillo,Mexico