When we were in New Zealand at a going away party

When we were in New Zealand at a going away party

Total miles sailed so far=23,500nm.

Miles sailed last 3-days=171nm.

Miles left to go to finish off Bahia=1,404nm.

Top speed so far=14.1kts.


Day-187. Run=88 nm. Pos. Lat.21*52’S. Long.92*03’W. Weather=Wind=N 5-12 kts. Seas=N 4-6ft. Cabin Temp=73*80*Bar=1010 mb

Today the winds diminished through out the day and we sail through the night at 2-knots, under the star filled heavens above.
We are now so close to the SE-Trade Winds that I can almost taste them. They are about 100 nm. to the North of us.
It’s amazing to me how much I dwell on my water situation now that it is in short supply, water is something we take for granted normally. Tomorrow I will start pumping that water-maker for two hours instead of only one.
It has been suggested by Debbie and Al formerly from the yacht “Different Worlds” that I should pass on the coffee as it is a diuretic and just drink the water, and I just might have to do that.
Can you believe it? First I had to give up the alcohol, then variety in the foods I get to eat, and now give up “Coffee”; pretty soon there will be no difference between being “alive” and “dead”.

24hr Run=41 nm. Pos. Lat.21*46’S. Long.91*13’W. Weather=Wind=N 4-7 kts.Seas=SW 4-6ft. Cabin Temp=73*-80*Bar=1012mb.

Today my water-making came to a screeching halt! as the Pur-06 hand operated water-maker quit putting out product water.
I dug around and found my chemicals for cleaning the membrane of the water-maker, using the alkaline treatment and hopefully tomorrow we will be back in business.
Today we are ghosting along in very light airs and thankfully we are getting 110% out of “Patches” or we would not be moving at all.
Taking full advantage of the calm conditions I hoisted myself up the main mast in the bosun chair and replaced the flag halyard at the starboard spreader that had parted early on during the voyage. I also drug the 60 lb. CQR Anchor out of the aft locker and secured it on the bow roller where it normally rides, under more normal sailing conditions.
The anchor chain I will leave stowed below amid ships until we get a little closer to our destination, keeping that weight out of the forward chain locker.
I should mention Debbie is in Bahia and they are ready for me to get there. Hmmmmm!!!

24hr Run=42 nm. Pos.Lat.21*39′ S. Long.91*18’W. Weather= Wind=NE 0-7kts. Seas 4-6ft. SW. Cabin Temp=74*-79*.Bar=1011mb

Today I start out becalmed after a miserable sailing performance yesterday.
I pull my weather information via the single side band radio and feel disheartened as it appears the center of the high is moving to the north with us, keeping the trade-winds just out of reach of Sailors Run and crew. This pattern seems to continue over the next three days.
By mid-morning things have deteriorated even further aboard Sailors Run as the alkaline treatment has yielded no results on the water-maker, and it appears to be useless.
I now take inventory of my situation.
I have:
1-1/2 liters of good fresh water left.
3-1/4 liters of fruit juice.
20-cans of various vegetables/containing water.
10-large cans of a variety of fruits,peaches,fruit cocktail and pineapple.
28-cans of tuna.
The rest of the provisions are rice, flour and pasta most of which require water to make things with.
I plan to just eat the tuna, vegetables and fruit, plus pancakes for breakfast everyday.
I still have 1400 miles to go and once in the trades I will move fast, but for now just praying for wind as rain in this area is pretty unlikely.
I can not accept any help or take on any water or provisions before crossing the finish line at Bahia; “those are the rules”
“Rain dancing” in “prayer”, the Jefe’.

Puerto Amistad Yacht Club where jeff hopes to be sitting drinking a beer &  looking out at his boat

Puerto Amistad Yacht Club where jeff hopes to be sitting drinking a beer & looking out at his boat