Around Alone Days-166-167-168.

Total Miles sailed so far=21,508 nautical miles=  Miles sailed last 3-days=205 nautical miles

Distance left to go to finish line-3,032 nautical miles= Top speed so far=14.1 knots

DAY-166 =24 hr.Run=43 nm. Position:Lat: 36*18’S. Long: 122*42’W.

Weather=Bar=1008 mb= Wind=2-25 kts NE. Seas=NE-4-6 ft Cabin Temp.=71*-71*

Today we went over on the port tack, that taking us to the SE, where hopefully winds from the low will allow us to sail to the east
I have eaten the last of the popcorn and drank my last cup of coco. I can substitute tea for the coco but there is nothing for the popcorn. The one good thing about me eating my way to the bottom of all our provisions, is that all the new stuff will be good for several years down the road.
The ocean is warming up around us and the warm moist air coming down from the tropics seems so thick you could cut it with a “knife”.

Debbie is packing her bags and in those bags will be our new refrigeration system and a few other goodies for the boat.
Now with just a little over 3000nm to go, all I have to do is sail a distance across the Pacific equal to the size of the United States.

DAY-167= 24 hr Run=63 nm. Position: Lat.36*27’S. Long.121*01’W.

Weather= Bar=1006mb. Wind=N-5-20kts. Seas=6-8 ft. Cabin Temp=73*75*

I’m currently closing in on my outward bound track, and should be crossing that tomorrow. The low that the weather info showed overtaking me, apparently has gone someplace else and hopefully the sailing will be much better than yesterday

It’s truly amazing how my cooking skills are coming along Take my gravy for instance, once I switched from using two cups of flour, to 2-tablespoons of flour, now the gravy just flows over whatever you put it on, whereas before you could have laid “bricks” with it.

Also making gravy in a frying pan is never a good idea when pounding to weather unless the stove and cabin sole need oiling. I now almost need “ski poles” to stay at the stove when healed over.

DAY-168= 24 hr.Run=99 nm. Pos: Lat.36*20′ S. Long.119*09’W.

Weather=Bar=1009mb. Wind=NNE-3-40+kts.Seas=8-18ft. Cabin Temp=73*-73*

Today winds are gusting over 40-kts and I have had to go to the staysail and run off for a while until winds settled back down.

***Today is another mile stone of the voyage as after 167-days and 8-hours we have crossed over our out bound route completing the loop around the globe***

Now it is just a matter of sailing to the Finish line of Bahia Caraquez,Ecuador and who knows how long that might take?

In search of “favorable winds” the Jefe’