Total miles sailed so far=20,645nm.
Miles sailed last three days=448nm.
Distance to go to turn North=978nm.


DAY-157 24hr.Run=135nm.

Pos: Lat.42*06’S. Long.136*52’W. Weather: Wind=NE-N 7-15kts. Seas=N 6-8ft.

Cabin Temp.=65*-71*. Bar=1010

Today we started out with light winds that filled in late in the afternoon, and we are presently sailing fast.

Today I received a most welcome email from Debbie, where once again she has stepped up to be part of “Team Sailors Run” and agreed to yet another off shore passage. We will depart Bahia, Ecuador in early November sailing the “Clipper Route” to Barra De Navidad, Mexico, a passage of some 2100nm. and it should take about 17-days.

Now my immediate concerns, are the two lows that I must deal with here in the “Roaring 40s.

One is already bringing me NW winds that I will try to get the most easting out of as possible and slip a little to the north, trying to out run the second low that is gradually overtaking me and should hit by the 10th. This low is predicted to intensify rapidly and could end up right on top of us, pounding us with head winds to 40+kts. This is never a good feeling.
For now we just “Haul Ass” to the ENE and pray it drops in just behind us. You know what they say if you can’t run with the “Big Dogs”, you best just stay on the porch!

DAY-158 24hr.Run=173nm.

Pos: Lat.42*07’S. Long.134*06′ W. Weather: Wind=NW 12-15kts. Seas=NW 6-8ft.

Cabin Temp=65*-67* Bar=1011mb

Today finds us still sailing fast with warm winds from the NW. It’s so warm that I’m only wearing one set of long underwear on the bottom with shorts on top of them and double long underwear on top with a T-shirt.

I’m still eating pancakes every other day with fruit, and my special Top Ramon & tuna breakfast with fruit on the other days. There is no lunch, making that easy. Dinner is either, chicken, spaghetti and vegetables, or chicken, potatoes and vegetables, or rice, chicken and vegetables. I must admit my cooking skills are improving, as now the instant potatoes are coming out thicker than the gravy for a change.
I do still get a small piece of chocolate for a treat each day and for a little longer a cup of coco in the evenings.

Those of you, who have been following me by my “spot” locator, haven’t been getting a position lately as I’m in a remote part of the Pacific, where there is no spot coverage. I will however continue to set it out once a day until I hear from someone that it is being picked up once again, then will put it out twice a day after that. It should kick back in around 120* longitude.
DAY-159 24hr.Run=140.

Pos: Lat41*19’S. Long.131*52’W. Weather: Wind=WNW 7-15kts. Seas=WNW.6-8ft.

Cabin Temp=66*-71* Bar=1010mb

Winds today are westerly and much lighter.

Last night was another one of those nights where the sky looked like a “bowl of diamonds”.

It has been suggested to me by our good friends Cal & Elly formerly from the yacht “Desperado” that I should harvest the goose neck barnacles hanging on my stern, as they are considered a delicacy in Europe going for about 200-dollars a plate. They say they taste somewhere between clams and lobster. I’m thinking about doing it but have yet to devise a way to scrape them off and catch them at the same time. They are close to the water and possibly a dust pan might work

I’m still ahead of the low, but the winds are going light much like the calm before the “storm”.
“Running Scared Skinny” the Jefe