Around Alone Days-178-179-180.

Day-178. 24hr.Run=144nm. Pos. Lat.28*50′ S. Long.102*54’W. Weather=Bar=1005mb Wind=NW 10-25kts. Seas=NW 8-10ft. Cabin Temp71*-74*.

Sailing fast today, dropping down the mizzen when winds exceed 25 kts. to maintain a better course down wind.
Before I left on this voyage my friend John was looking at all the canned goods that I was taking along, and he said you better make sure you have two can openers.
I already had one nice one I had paid like 9-dollars for, so picked up a second cheap one in Ecuador for like $1.50, and figured I was set. Now after nearly 6-months and many cans later neither of those two can openers works. Although the cheap can opener opened twice as many cans as the expensive one. Fortunate for me I have two “leather man”, multipurpose tools; you know the ones with pliers and knife blades, saws, files, etc. Now the can openers on those tools are tough and work perfectly every time with no moving parts except your muscles.

Day-179. 24hr.Run=106nm. Pos. Lat.27*45’S. Long.101*50’W. Weather=Bar=1005mb.Wind=NW 7-10kts. Seas=W 6-10ft. Cabin Temp=73*-76*

Today is a nice sunny day with much lighter winds and the thermometer actually hits 76*. I used to believe that 75* was the perfect temperature but after spending so many years in the little latitudes and out on the water, I now believe 86* is perfect.

Now with approximately 2-weeks left to go I must begin to prepare myself for reentry, back into a more complex life with stimuli coming from many different directions, and watch as the oneness of the “solo sailor”, slowly vanishes, being left out upon the sea.
I must now be especially cautious, and aware, as I’m not yet there, waiting until I’m safely moored up inside, upon the Rio Chone River to finally let down.
This particular voyage is one huge block of consciousness, that I’m sure will linger in my mind forever.

All my previous adventures will pale in comparison to this one, and I doubt I will ever do anything to compare to it in either my future sailing or otherwise.
I’m just truly glad that I have had the opportunity to share this experience with many others, and hope it will possibly in some way help them to step up and take on their next big adventure.


Day-180.  24hr.Run=75nm. Pos. Lat. 27*12’S. Long.100*51’W. Weather= Bar=1005mb. Wind=W-6-10kts. Seas=W 6-10ft. Temp 73*-75*

The winds just seem to becoming lighter, and I knew this route might not be the fastest but I have opted for the safer route. We have been flying the spinnaker for the past 17 hours and the winds have stayed light.

A very good friend of mine Wayne asked me what food do I miss the most. I started thinking about it and was drooling by the time I was done. One food wasn’t enough at this point, so I decided if I had my choice, my special meal whether it is upon my arrival to Bahia Caraquez or before they hang or shoot me, would go like this.
Nice greasy fried chicken, homemade French fries with tartar sauce, Tossed green salad with blue cheese dressing, A “grape float”[ice cream and grape pop];now that is not desert as desert would be a couple of rum and cokes and “Debbie”, and of course there is nothing wrong with having “Desert First”.
Trying to get there the Jefe’.     DSCN0192

Total miles sailed so far=22,792nm.

Miles sailed last three days=325nm.

Miles left to finish at Bahia=1976nm.

Top speed so far =14.1kts.