Old Technology Prevails Over New Technology 5-9-2014

New tech photoI have to admit that I’m a late bloomer to the computer age, but putting that aside I decided to take a quantum leap into the future.  So I decide my windows 98 program has to go and lets have that windows #8.

I slipped down to the local Best Buy snapping up the obvious Best Buy a HP computer running windows-8 at the alarmingly low price of  329$.I was now feeling smug and proud of this great cruiser friendly price and my quantum leap ahead into the new technology. My son Dan and I headed back to his 65 ft yacht on San Francisco Bay to forge ahead on the new blog site.

Oh yes I was concerned about using the new #8 program but with my sons help was sure it would all be “Golden”. Wrong; it seems windows 8 would not stay connected to the internet on his older router. Our first thought was that we had gotten a lemon by mistake and thoughts of an Apple were dancing through my head.

Once back at Best Buy we were comforted by the fine service and we came away with computer #2 feeling that at last we could forge ahead. “Wrong” as this one was no different; refusing to stay hooked up once again. On this one we even read the instructions and called on tech-support for both the router and the new computer. The end result was we needed to upgrade the router for about 150$ which wasn’t in the budget so back we went to Best Buy To get a full refund on computer # 2 which they were very accommodating about.

Once back on the yacht my son Dan opened up my old Toshiba computer and made some adjustments that got it flying along on the internet as good as if not better than the new computer and its unfriendly to routers #8 program, and I came away feeling like I had just made 425 dollars.

Your Amigos Jeff& Debbie