Monthly Archives: February 2018


 Hola Amigo’s,
   Wow it is truly great to be out swinging on the hook once again in a beautiful anchorage like Chamela.  Here the skies are sunny and blue and the temperature between 83-89*.
   Now you know last Saint Patrick’s Day I almost met my Waterloo here. It is like getting back on the horse that through you, or returning to the underground vault where you were electrocuted it just has to be done to move on.
  Recently I spent three days hauled out at Opequimar in Puerto Vallarta where I gave Sailors Run a much needed paint job on the bottom. I used the Comex paint that is 4-liters to the gallon and you are adding 12-ozs. of thinner to the paint so it not only goes a long ways but at 150-dollars a gallon with the thinner thrown in it is a real bargain these days. I believe it will serve me well over the next 2-3 years.
  Like most haul outs it was a lot of work and many things were accomplished all for the betterment of Sailors Run. My friends Dan and Debbie Orlando were there for me and made this a most enjoyable haul out with great after hours rewards.
  Here in Chamela there will be a pig roast on Thursday at Monica’s Palapa. You might remember that I stayed with this family to recover after my ordeal here in Chamela. Here the vibes are good and I know I have great friends here.
  Now my mind turns to the ocean once again and in March I will be off to Kauai  in the Hawaiian Islands and this give me great motivation to make all thing right aboard Sailors Run and her return to the trade wind sailing that we both love so much.
                                Always in my heart and mind my Amigos, the Jefe’


   Hey Mates’,
    Be sure and check out my blog for what has been going on over the summer and also the article about the “Miracle in Chamela. The amazing thing right now is I’m able to write on my old computer that normally has a non-working key board.
  I’m now sailing to La Cruz in Banderas Bay from Mazatlan where I plan to haul the boat and paint it at Opeckimar. then on to Chamela, Barra where Debbie will join me for a month the middle of January.
  In March I plan to set sail for Kuaii in the Hawaiian Islands where I plan to spend a month be for heading back to the Marshall Islands. I’m pretty sure that will get the old Sailors Run and crew all sharpened up on our sailing skills.
                      Missing all of you your Amigo the Jefe’.