Monthly Archives: May 2014

Sailors Run’s 5-Star Day 5/17/2014

Every once in awhile it just happens you have a great day and May-17th was just such a day. Now that’s not to say that the days leading up to the 17th were nearly so shiny. I had been in San Francisco with my son Daniel for the past ten days trying to finalize the…

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Old Technology Prevails Over New Technology 5-9-2014

I have to admit that I’m a late bloomer to the computer age, but putting that aside I decided to take a quantum leap into the future.  So I decide my windows 98 program has to go and lets have that windows #8. I slipped down to the local Best Buy snapping up the obvious…

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Sailors Run’s Medical Emergency – 5-1-2014

Debbie and I had been just enjoying the heck out of all the wonderful attributes of Santiago bay as the days just seemed to be slipping away. Santiago is not just a great anchorage but has one of the best beaches in all of Mexico. Shopping for provisions is easy as there are great stores…

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