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Sailors Run’s Americas Cup Experience. 9-1-2013

The new hard dodger was on and looking great and Debbie had returned from her visit with family, friends and grand kids. We had planned to sail south straight away but with moorage costs on the rise we decided to take up anchorage off Sausalito and enjoy The Americas Cup that was now happening right of our stern.

As mono hull sailors our desire to get excited about catamaran’s going at it for the cup was slightly tainted. The fact that Team Oracle had been penalized two races meaning they had to win 11 to retain the cup against the very strong Kiwi team was looking somewhat like a lose-lose  scenario. Now as far as corporate America funding Oracle through Larry Ellison and The Kiwis funded by the Arabs and the four million Kiwi tax payers made little difference to us after all racing is about winning. Granted there was but two Americans on the American boat and one of them was going to be pulled based upon questionable tactical calls during several of the earlier races.

Debbie and I were fortunate to be able to view several of the races from a friends of ours, Catamaran owned by Paddy and Queeny. On one such occasion team Oracle was hanging out near us prior to the start of a race when suddenly they trimmed in that all “Powerful” wing sail and went from a dead stand still to about 20-knots as they accelerated  past us missing us by a mere three feet. All of us on the Cat were in shock and awe as to where sailing has gone in the past six years. We seen these high bread foiling racing machines hit 58 mph in about 20-knots of breeze; now if you don’t think that is exciting I’m not sure where your senses are. We spent many days walking across the Golden gate bridge from Sausalito  to a  favored viewing spot up above the starting line on the south side of the bridge; we made that hike no less than 8 times and it was 6-miles each way; sometimes we rode the bus back.

In our crowd of American fans with our American flags flying & being one of the people who had the VHF radio to listen to the race, we met  a Kiwi who now resides in California & who is a well known solo Transpac multi hull sailor-Peter Hogg, Debbie kept telling him he could partake of our Champagne after Team U.S.A  won, he imbibed with us a toast  to team Oracle; all in good fun.

Many people watched as Team Oracle with the “Cocky” Australian Spithill as skipper pull off the greatest comeback in History; being down 8 to 1 and the Kiwis needing but one more win to take the cup away, Spithill sailed on with his mighty crew to take 8 straight  races and retained the cup as well as the hearts of many cheering Americans; many that never even knew what a sailboat was until they just happened to glance out on the race course and seen two boats come screaming at each other each doing forty knots for a dangerously close pass, and suddenly became immediate fans of the sport. Yes, even the news media woke up to the fact that sailing had become truly exciting.

Debbie and I became great fans of the Australian skipper Spithill when listening to a news broadcasters interview after a  huge loss for Team Oracle. When Spithill was asked what happened out there; he simply stated well “Mate” one day you are the “Rooster and the next a feather duster”!. The skipper never seemed to give up on the idea of winning and I think we all could benefit from some of that faith. Deb and I sailed south to Half moon bay then on to Morro Bay where we were greeted by long time friends Patrick and Lindy of the sailing vessel Laughter. Our time there was just a few days but with the help of our friends we were able to do a nice Costco re provisioning for Sailors Run and had a great visit. Thanks Patrick & Lindy!!

We are currently anchored at Cat Harbor on Catalina Island for Buccaneer (pirate )Days. We are being blasted by some Santa Anna winds gusting to 30 plus knots in the anchorage. Last night we got involved in the rescue of a 60 ft ketch that drug out of the harbor while the crew was on the shore sharing in the fun . Debbie spotted the boat begin to drag and I hopped in the dinghy and went to the boat verifying no one was on board and seeing that it was floating out of the harbor clear of all obstructions and I also realized that alone there was no way to pull the boat back and get it anchored again in the darkness in an overcrowded anchorage so did the next best thing went in search of the owners who had a small three year old girl with them. I notified the coast guard and harbor master and they responded by going out to retrieve the drifting vessel. I never found the owners but when I returned to our boat Debbie was babysitting the small girl “Helen” and Debbie had pointed the parents  in the direction of their departing boat.

Soon the large replica of Irving Johnsons Yankee came powering back into the Harbor with two very lucky owners onboard and the harbor patrol that had taken the drifting vessel into tow were now guiding them to a much needed sanctuary of one of their moorings. We reunited the daughter with her much relieved parents and the drama was over. “We all get by with a little help from our friends”.

It now only cools to 70* at night a most comfortable temperature  as Debbie and I are enjoying the heat, were now heading south  to San Diego get ready for the Baja Ha Ha Race.

Thinking Of you, You’re Amigos Jeff & Debbie