Jeff Hartjoy holds the record for being the Oldest American to Sail Solo, Unassisted, Non-Stop Around The World


We're Jeff and Debbie and we invite you to become an Amigo. This is how we stay in touch with our friends and share the adventure. Over 139,000 nautical miles sailed so far, come join us for the next leg of this wild ride!

Jeff and Debbie Hartjoy


Shore Leave For the Jefe’ 8/16/2018
I had tucked Sailors Run away securely moored to a sunken PT boat in the Marshall Islands and flew west[...]
Marshall Islands Voyage Days. 40-41-42
 Miles sailed last three days and 6 hrs. 30" = 481 nm. Miles left to go-0-.On a mooring in Majuro,[...]
Marshall Islands Voyage Days: 37-38-39.
Total miles sailed last three days =468 nm. Total miles sailed so far=5,294 Miles left to go= -328 [actually less[...]

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